Do the Galaxy Buds2

The Galaxy Buds2 are a convergence of design and functionality, thanks to a comfortable fit that helps you enjoy all the audio content you listen to most. A slimmer frame doesn’t detract from the excellent output you get once you nestle these in your ears. You won’t have to compromise a whole lot when the music starts playing, catching the thump of every bassline and chord of every guitar or piano key.

When you need to focus, Active Noise Cancellation drowns out the background to silence those distractions. You can work in peace without worrying about what’s happening around you. And when you do need to keep tabs on your surroundings, turn on Ambient Sound to hear the world around you at the same time. Make adjustments in the Galaxy Wear app, customizing the sound and fit just for your own senses. Choose from four different colours to suit your taste and lifestyle.

Powerful and precise sound for your ears

When you put the Galaxy Buds2 on, you are committing to an audio experience worthy of your expectations. Cleaner tones and better output present more powerful sounds, giving you the chance to not just listen, but also feel the music from your favourite artists.

Two-way dynamic speakers and an enhanced woofer combine to deliver all that to you. That means deeper bass and warmer treble for the kind of clarity you’d want every time you press play. Immerse yourself in the latest album, cool podcast or awesome audiobook.

Do the same with phone calls. Three microphones and noise reduction technology go to work to ensure voices come through loud and clear. Cutting down on background noise lets you hear and be heard, especially when the call is important.

Block it all out, or let some in

Active Noise Cancellation uses the microphones to block out the unwanted sounds that can distract you, or muffle the audio content you want to focus on. You can turn it on anytime without sacrificing sound quality to get the results you’re looking for. That’s all you need if you’re commuting and want to escape into a fun playlist, engaging podcast or interesting audiobook.

Sometimes, you do want to know what’s happening around you, and that’s where Ambient Sound comes in. It uses the microphones to pick up background sounds and broadcast them to your ears, so that you can hear or converse with someone—and not remove your Galaxy Buds2.

Their slimmer frame makes them 10% smaller than the previous Galaxy Buds+, saving you valuable space for better fit and comfort to help passively seal off those unwanted sounds. You won’t feel weighed down by their lighter weight, maybe even forgetting you’re wearing them going about your day.

Connect, switch, control the Galaxy Buds2 your way

It’s easy to get started with your Galaxy devices. The Galaxy Buds2 connect to them through your Samsung account, so once paired, they appear in your list of paired devices. Use Bluetooth Info Sync to switch between listening on your Galaxy smartphone, tablet, watch or PC running on Samsung’s One UI 3.1 or later.

With Auto Switch, you can simply switch from watching a show on a Galaxy tablet to taking an incoming call on your Galaxy smartphone—all without doing anything on the Galaxy Buds2. When you do touch the earbuds, you control when to play, pause, change tracks, enable Ambient Sound, Active Noise Cancellation and your voice assistant.

Do all of this with solid battery life at your disposal. Need some juice in a pinch? Plug their case in for five minutes to get a fast charge for up to one hour of playback. Go wire-free placing the case on any Qi-enabled wireless charger for the ultimate convenience to top up your Galaxy Buds2.

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