If you want the best video quality in a new TV today, the Samsung exclusive TVs available at Best Buy are a great place to start your shopping. You’ll find the RU8200 and Q7DR only at Best Buy and these TVs have many advantages over other models.

Compared to the RU8000, the Best Buy exclusive Samsung RU8200 doubles the number of dimming zones to deliver precise, truly immersive contrast and HDR viewing when coupled with Dynamic Crystal Colour. Best Buy exclusive Samsung Q7DR goes beyond basic by producing 4.1 channels of audio (4 separate channels of audio and a small subwoofer) and delivers 50% more power than the already powerful 40W Q70 at 60W to produce TV audio that you’ll have to hear to believe.

Plus, with features like Ambient Mode so your TV blends into the room perfectly, and immersive Gaming enhancers, you’ll get the most out of these TVs, no matter what you’re doing—even if you’re not watching them!


When you’re deep into your favourite shows or the greatest new Hollywood blockbuster, you want to rally feel like you’re part of it. That’s why a great screen in your home theatre room is key. The Samsung RU8200 has 4K UHD resolution for the sharpest most detailed video, plus Dynamic Crystal Colour.

Experience crystal clear, lifelike colour—more than one billion of them. That’s 64 times more than conventional UHD TVs so you’re getting vibrant, authentic results every time. The technology behind it is UHD Software Dimming Supreme which creates 1,152 zones for excellent contrast and control for ultra high quality HDR performance. Samsung RU8200 features MR240 Motion Rate for clear, smooth motion no matter what you’re watching.

In the Samsung Q7DR you’ll also find 4K UHD resolution that’s four times clearer and sharper than HD, along with 100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dots. This technology re-creates a billion shades of colour. And with the power of Quantum Processor 4K, you can upscale lesser quality video automatically to a 4K or near-4K picture depending on the source.


Gone are the days when a TV was a giant black hole in your room. Today, Ambient Mode 2.0 creates an entertainment portal that’s a beautiful, meaningful addition to your home.

Ambient Mode is found on both the Best Buy exclusive TVs; the Samsung RU8200 and Samsung Q7DR.

Ambient Mode helps QLED blend perfectly with your home décor for a gorgeous, harmonious effect. Instead of a basic black screen, you’ll see images that match your lifestyle and personality, with easy-to-use settings and plenty of choices. This means your TV looks as good when you’re watching it as well as when you’re not.


Gamers, delight! Samsung’s Best Buy exclusive TVs feature Auto Game Mode/Real Game Enhancer. These features are engineered specifically for gamers and they automatically enhance and optimize your TV for the best picture, with near-zero motion and input lag for the best gaming experience you can get.

Whether you choose the Samsung RU8200 or upgrade even further to the Samsung Q7DR in 55”, 65” or a 75” screen size, you’re getting some of the best quality TVs on the market.

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