If your home’s style requires something more than one-size-fits-all appliances, you’ll love the Samsung BESPOKE fridge. It’s a modular fridge available in custom colours that will match your voice, your home, and your personal aesthetic.

The Samsung BESPOKE fridge is available in a 4-door Flex or Flex Column style. You’ll find it in different colours including Rose Pink Glass and Navy Steel. You can customize your fridge by choosing a single door colour or mix and match using different door colours including horizontal two-tone or vertical two-tone. With BESPOKE Flex Column you can even upgrade your fridge when you need to, adding multiple units when you’d like more space.

BESPOKE mixes and matches columns and colours

Choosing a new fridge can be a big decision. It’s not an appliance you replace every year, and you want to be sure the refrigerator you choose will have the right mix of style and features. With a Samsung BESPOKE 4-Door Flex or One Door Flex Column, you’ll have the best features packaged in a sleek, stylish fridge that matches your aesthetic perfectly.

You can customize the fridge via changeable door panels, and the panels are available in eight colours and three different finishes (glass, matte glass, and steel). Your options will be endless as you mix and match or just create a built-in style and stick to one colour. As your style evolves, you can purchase new colour panels to match your changing kitchen.

BESPOKE 4 Door Flex offers style and versatility

With a Samsung BESPOKE 4-Door Flex fridge, your kitchen’s aesthetic can evolve along with your style choices. With a 4-Door Flex Fridge, the real magic happens when you open the doors and enjoy the unique features that make up the BESPOKE style.

You can have your water two different ways with the Beverage Center. It gives quick access to a water dispenser and an automatically filled water pitcher. With a Dual Icemaker, your fridge can produce two different types of ice you can use for parties or every day. The Triple-Cooling system optimizes the temperature and humidity separately in all three compartments of the fridge, preserving your perishables for longer and protecting against odours from mixing food.

A modular style that grows with your family

A single-column refrigerator gives you more than enough room to store all of your favourite food, but when you need to upgrade to a family-sized fridge, BESPOKE grows along with you. The beauty of Samsung BESPOKE is that your fridge is modular, so you can use one unit or combine multiple units for even more food storage and versatility.

The perfect BESPOKE combination begins with one fridge and freezer combination. As your family grows you can simply add a third convertible fridge and freezer column. Having a convertible fridge means you can switch up your internal space whenever you need to, so you can have two fridges and one freezer or one fridge and two freezers as your storage needs change.

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