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Would you enjoy connecting more regularly with those most important to you? If so, then you need Portal from Facebook, the all new way to keep in touch that’s private, secure, and feels just like being in the same room with those you love!

In fact, connecting through Portal couldn’t be easier, and those you’re talking to don’t even need a Portal of their own (merely a smart phone or tablet). However, if they do have a Portal of their own, additional features are opened up to users on both ends of the call, like being able to listen to synchronized music together.

Unlike the video calling you’re used to, Portal has Smart Camera. So it feels like being together in the same room even when you’re far apart. And Portal makes it easier to connect more regularly with the most important people in your life.

Other Portal features include access to Amazon Alexa, the fun Superframe feature, and the ability to easily disable or block the microphone and camera lens at any time. With Portal from Facebook, you’ll enjoy easy, anytime communication with those you value most.

Note: Hey Portal voice command functionality is currently available only in English.

Move and talk freely with Smart Camera

Portal allows you to move about freely as you talk thanks to its Smart Camera, which auto-zooms and tracks you automatically as you move about the room.

For instance, if you’re using Portal while cooking dinner, feel free to move about the kitchen as necessary, and Smart Camera will self adjust to follow all the action. If additional people subsequently enter the room, Smart Camera will automatically widen to include them in the frame as well.

When you’re not in the middle of a call, Portal has a cool feature called Superframe that allows you to display your favourite Facebook photos and videos, and you can even see when your closest contacts are available to connect (as well as get helpful birthday reminders).

What’s more, you can connect with your contacts even if they don’t have a Portal of their own—simply call them on Messenger. Calls can be made seamlessly to and from smart phones and tablets, and you can even bring up to six other people into a group call.

Designed to assure complete privacy

If you have privacy concerns, fear not—Facebook neither listens to, views, nor retains the contents of your Portal video calls. On the contrary, Portal calls are always fully encrypted so that conversations stay between you and those you are communicating with.

Of course, you always have the option of completely disabling the camera and microphone at any time with just a single tap. Or, you can block the camera lens with the provided camera cover. Whichever way you like it, your privacy is always assured.

A key detail to note when purchasing your own Portal is that an active Facebook account is required to use the device. However, since Facebook accounts are free and most people already have them, this is not likely to be much of an issue for most users.

With Amazon Alexa and other great features built in

The Portal also has a number of other extremely useful features built in, such as the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. This means that you can get answers to common questions such as “What is tomorrow’s weather forecast?” or “What time does the hockey game begin?”

In fact, you can ask Alexa virtually anything and receive a satisfying answer. For instance, ask about news and current events, historical facts, currency conversion rates, sports scores, math problems, or for help with recipes—just to name a few. You can even ask Alexa to set a timer for you or help you create a shopping list. All you have to do is ask.

Other features include music, animation, and augmented reality effects. For example, become your child’s favourite story characters as you read beloved stories to them, or listen to music right along with your friends and family (they’ll need a Portal too) as though you were all together in the very same location—and all without delays or feedback.

Make Portal from Facebook your gateway to communication.

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  1. This certainly looks interesting. Almost my entire family lives in BC, but I live in SK. I think this would be nice for us to be able to see each other easily when we talk. It looks fairly user friendly for my parents that aren’t the most tech-savvy of people. I’m definitely going to look into this more.

    Thanks for letting me know about this product!

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