Lifelong learning starts with Osmo

If your child’s education is important to you, you’ll be happy to know that Osmo has fun, exciting, and challenging learning toys and games that help kids to develop their intellect and build the emotional and fine motor skills they’ll need for success in both school and life.

Osmo features real-time, targeted teaching methods for kids ages 6-8 (grades 1-2). Kids will benefit from active learning, self-paced play, and fun experimentation to master key skills and concepts and build their learning confidence. This stress-free method of learning can boost critical thinking skills, information retention, motivation, and interpersonal skills.

Osmo is loved by teachers from across 42 different countries and parents too for the way it enables kids to collaborate, communicate, and create. Osmo gives kids time to master key learning concepts before moving on to new material, and it’s already helped 2.5 million kids worldwide to learn and grow toward a bright and successful future.

What they’ll learn

With Osmo, kids will acquire important knowledge and develop the most essential skills for success in later life. Osmo’s curriculum-inspired toys and games teach arithmetic skills such as addition and subtraction, as well as measuring and estimating, which are sure to get them counting and doing math accurately and confidently.  

For example, Osmo’s Math Wizard – Magical Workshop, which is part of their Math Series for grades 1 & 2, encourages self-paced learning that builds kids’ confidence as it helps them develop their math skills. Magical Workshop features a challenging adventure where kids do addition, subtraction, and counting, and it rewards them along the way.

In Math Wizard – Secrets of the Dragons, kids ages 6-8 go on a self-paced learning journey that revolves around measuring and counting. This game encourages kids to use a ruler to take measurements, and it teaches them to use non-standard units of measure. Additionally, kids will also learn how to estimate the length of objects and then to add those lengths together.

Story based learning

Another aspect of Osmo’s learning toys and games is story based learning. With Osmo, kids can use their imaginations to go on exciting, educational adventures such as exploring with the wizard cat Mumbles. Kids will become math wizards with Mumbles’ help as they use mathematics to brew potions, deliver dragons, and rebuild castles.

In Math Wizard – Secrets of the Dragons, they’ll explore an exciting and imaginative world that’s filled with rare dragons that they can becomes friends with and even take care of. Kids will care for their dragon friends and measure their progress as they grow. This game keeps kids engaged and entertained as it hones their math skills and boosts their critical thinking.

Fun ways to learn

Osmo has a variety of fun and challenging ways for kids to learn, including Math Wizard – Magical Workshop and Math Wizard – Secrets of the Dragons. These educational games enhance learning by combining hands-on activities with engaging applications.

In Magical Workshop, kids will master addition and subtraction while brewing potions,  they’ll learn place value and regrouping as they compare different numbers, they’ll develop mental math strategies as they learn to write equations and explore the relationship between plus and minus, and they’ll build their confidence in mathematical pursuits by learning problem-solving strategies in a stress-free environment.

With Secrets of the Dragons, kids will master the skill of measurement by directly comparing objects and their attributes, they’ll learn to estimate length and width and express the size of objects as whole numbers, as well as to use rulers and other non-standard measurement tools. They will also experiment with different problem-solving strategies as they embark on fun and rewarding learning adventures.

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