Bridging the gap between you and your audio

Nuheara will enhance your audio and your TV viewing experience so you can better listen to the content you like most. Their IQBuds Boost aren’t your average true wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They present an opportunity to personalize sound to your ears, letting you calibrate to suit your own needs. Isolate and hone in on sound coming in front of you. Or go in another direction, allowing you to hear better in noisier environments. Not just hearing amplifiers, the IQBuds Boost augment the music you listen to with improved clarity and fidelity. There are no strings attached every time you wear them, thanks to a cable-free design for truly wireless freedom

Combine the IQBuds with the IQStream TV (sold separately) for the ultimate hearing experience that is changing how you watch your favourite shows and movies. You may never watch TV the same way again.

Ear ID delivers personalized hearing

Not every pair of true wireless earbuds offer a personalized hearing test, but that’s exactly what Ear ID is. It lets you assess your own hearing to automatically calibrate the earbuds through audiological industry-standard algorithms.

Using similar technology modern hearing aids have, you go through a test at six different frequencies in each ear, ranging from 500-6,000 Hz. In less than 10 minutes, you have a sound profile all your own.

Re-calibrate as necessary, never settling on one profile when your ears need something newer. The clinical-grade hearing assessment is based on the prescription formula (NAL-NL2), and continues to evolve with new updates to the app. With the app, you can personalize your hearing in the comfort of your own home.

Hear it all without lag or latency

Watch content on your TV in a totally different way via IQStream TV. Instantly pair your IQBuds Boost with the iQStream TV unit connected to your TV, and listen at the volume best for your ears. You can have your own personal volume and listening experience while others in the room can enjoy their own volume level. Everyone is happy.

Use the app to adjust volume, or tap on the earbuds themselves to raise or lower it. Let your partner read or sleep in peace with the TV muted while listening through your earbuds. Let in ambient sound to engage with others while watching the same program.

Enjoy synchronized sound without any lag or latency, so you don’t catch lip-sync delays and get frustrated. The IQBuds Boost feature Qualcomm’s aptX Low Latency Audio for better precision every time you route TV, tablet or smartphone video through the earbuds.

Focused sound thanks to onboard microphones

With audio beamforming technology, the IQBuds Boost utilize onboard microphones to focus on the sound in front of you. You will hear clearer in noisier settings, amplifying voices of those talking to you.

Super Intelligent Noise Control (SINC) helps drown out the ambient noise when you want to immerse yourself in a good song, podcast or audiobook. Even in this mode, you can let outside voices seep in, keeping a conversation going without removing the earbuds.

Sweat and water resistance means you can take your sound profile with you on a run or to the gym. With 20 hours of on the go Bluetooth streaming from the included charging case, the IQBuds Boost keep the audio going long enough to enjoy listening over and over.

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