You may already have insurance coverage, but peace of mind on the road is something different. Nextbase Dashcams offer clarity for every voyage, be it a long road trip or short jaunt to run an errand. Think of it as an in-car insurance policy on a loop, keeping a watchful eye just in case something happens. High-quality video recording delivers crisp footage to keep everyone honest.

Whether you want 1080p HD resolution, or prefer to go all the up to 2K quality, the Nextbase Dashcam lineup has the bases covered. Night vision, Wi-Fi capability and GPS logging round out an effective group ready for every drive. Record footage to a memory card on a loop, ensuring you never lose critical images as they happen. Talk to Alexa to get information on-demand or start and stop recording by voice command.


Looking ahead is already standard with a dash cam, but looking in other directions is another thing. Nextbase Modules add flexibility and modularity to cover more than one angle every time you hit the road.

Attach an additional camera to the main dashcam for a full cabin view to capture everything inside in the vehicle. Connect a secondary camera for a rear wide-angle view, or go telephoto with a narrower field of view. This way, you get live footage in case of a rear-end collision.

The Click&Go mount uses high-strength neodymium magnets to secure it in place. Easily install and remove the camera with one hand, and never deal with wires getting in the way. 


Nextbase Series 2 Dashcams use Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy as part of a feature called AutoSync. Pairing the camera with your smartphone lets it automatically send pre-cropped video files over to the MyNextbase Connect app on iOS or Android.

Quickly view and share your videos, and then go ahead and share with them with your insurance provider to give them proof of everything that happened. Store them for yourself, or share them with any other nominated destination you choose.

Keep track of all clips on the app, or delete any you no longer need. Shorten longer clips into smaller ones. Take full control with any Series 2 Nextbase Dashcam to ensure you get insured.


Feel some relief with Nextbase Emergency SOS, a world-first dashcam that can alert emergency response services. In the event a driver is unresponsive after an incident, the dashcam notifies first responders of the vehicle’s location automatically.

GPS positioning helps responders act fast and know where to go to help. It can also include crucial medical data, like blood type, allergies and past medical history, to better prepare them in assisting with treatment.

Built-in and ready to go in Series 2 Dashcams, Emergency SOS is a new feature with the potential to save lives, helping drivers at their time of most need.

NOTE: The Emergency SOS feature is not available on the 122 or 222 models.

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  1. The specs shows the Power Source Requirements is 24V. Does it come with a power adapter or should I install a step up converter in order to use it in 12V vehicle?

    • Hi Bowner,

      You can use either 12v or 24v power with the included power cable.

      If you have any further questions please get on touch on the details below.

  2. There should be an extra note about temperature. Some webcam are suitable only for specific climate.

    • Hi Manon,

      Thank you for the feedback, you’re certainly are correct.

      The minimum operating temperature is -4 Degrees F (-20 Celsius) and 122 Degrees F (50 Celsius), they are suitable for sale in the USA.

      If you have any questions please get in touch using the below methods:

      Email: support@nextbase.com
      Web: http://www.nextbase.com
      Tel: 1-806-3419406

      We look forward to hearing from you.

    • Has some interesting features such as the SOS button, but actual specs for the dash cam part seems underwhelming. If you’re looking for a dash cam to record in good quality, there are better value oriented dash cams.

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