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LIFX A19 Smart Lighting

LIFX A19 Smart Lighting



LIFX A19 bulbs are smart lights that help you express yourself and your home décor with colour and control. Create the perfect lighting for any occasion with millions of colours to choose from on a whim. Control your lights individually or as a group, setting the lights to fit your home’s mood.

These bulbs screw in like any other and connect to your Wi-Fi network via a simple step-by-step process. In no time you will discover your favourite colours and begin creating your own scenes. Voice assistants and other smart home integrations allow a truly customized experience


Every LIFX A19 has Wi-Fi built in eliminating the need for a hub. Start with one or grow to many; everything is in the light.

Use the LIFX app to control your lights at home or on the go.

A simple step-by-step process guides you through the setup to get your lights online and changing colours.


Brighten your home without the electricity bill. LED technology allows the LIFX A19 to output 1100 lumens, using only 11 watts of power at full brightness.
That’s the equivalent of a 75 watt incandescent bulb. With LIFX you can illuminate a room without having to crank up the power. With built in dimming, there is no need for a dimmer switch.

That’s 16 million colours and a wide range (2500 – 9000K) of whites. Adjust to a warm or cold light at will, adjusting the brightness where you want it to be. With a 22.8-year lifespan (at 3 hours per day), you have some energy-efficiency to work with.




You decide how and when to control each bulb. Want to only change one or change them all as a group? It’s easy to pull off using the iOS or Android apps.

Go hands free—let your voice do the talking.  Link your LIFX A19 bulbs with Google Home and tell it when to turn lights on or off, and switch colours.

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