Are you ready to rock? If you love to party with great beats, pulsing lights, and a true club atmosphere, you’re going to love the amazing LG OK75 All-In-One Entertainment System!

This party-ready system provides everything you need for any celebration, from its 1000 Watts of raw, rockin’ power, to its full LED Party Light setup that will pulse to the beat of all your favourite tunes.

For the true MC, the OK75 provides a DJ Loop, the Party Accelerator Control, and the Party Kick Starter. With these tools at your fingertips, you’ll be able to produce ostinato rhythms and patterns, as well as cool musical transitions to keep the party rocking well into the night.

The OK75’s generous connectivity includes two mic inputs* (with Karaoke and vocal effects) along with a Wireless Party Link, TV Sound Sync (both wireless and optical), Multi Bluetooth, and Multi Jukebox. 

The OK75 is even a breeze to transport thanks to its built-in handle and casters.

*Microphones not included.


Get ready to rock with the LG OK75 All-In-One Entertainment System’s deep and powerful bass. 

Featuring an impressive all-in-one speaker and a mighty 12-inch woofer, the OK75 has the roof raising capability to rattle the walls of any gymnasium, or to resonate and reverberate your baddest bass tones clear across town.

In fact, when the OK75 pumps out its thumping and thunderous low-end beats, you won’t just be hearing them, you’ll also be feeling them. Any time a DJ wants to truly rock the house, the OK75 is the only system they’ll need.

And, since this amazing system features convenient wheels and integrated handles, transportation is always super easy. In fact, you can take the OK75 with you virtually anywhere you go, and have a spontaneous music party any time you like.


If you enjoy Karaoke, you’re going to love the OK75’s amazing Take The Lead feature.

Take The Lead is an option that allows you to suppress the vocal frequencies of any song you wish, thereby turning it into a Karaoke ready track. You then simply change the key of the vocals to better suit the range of the singer. In this way, you can make practically anyone sound like a bona fide star.

Imagine the fun you can have hosting your very own Karaoke night in the comfort of your own living room. Invite friends over and allow them to perform any song they choose. When everyone gets to sing the song they’re most comfortable with, you’re sure to have a rockin’ good time!

Moreover, thanks to the OK75’s Bluetooth capabilities, you can wirelessly stream your favourite tunes right from your smart phone (or other compatible device), whether it’s to enjoy a seamless listening experience, or to try the Take The Lead feature.


In addition to the awesome Take The Lead feature, noted above, the LG OK75 All-In-One Entertainment System provides a Voice Filter option that allows you to further enhance your favourite Karaoke creations.

With the OK75’s built-in sound-enhancing voice filters, you can easily make any singer sound more like a star than ever before. In fact, these filters are capable of completely changing a singer’s voice, which is sure to add excitement to your next big Karaoke night.

You can even take advantage of convenient USB Playback, thanks to the OK75’s dual USB inputs, which allow you to connect multiple USB-enabled devices at once for easy import of all your favourite Karaoke hits. Or, transfer files from one USB drive to another if you like.

Take your next Karaoke night to an all new level of fun and excitement with the incredible voice enhancing features of the LG OK75 System!

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  1. I buy it yesterday. Im wondering what microphone im going to use it. Because when im use my wireless microphone itsnot functioned. But if i take the connection wire from the tv the microphone will function

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