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LG Hi-Res Audio Sound Bars Overview

LG Hi-Res Audio Sound Bars Overview


Whether you’re watching television, a movie, or just sitting back and relaxing with some music, LG hi-res audio sound bars can enhance the experience.

The SK5Y features DTS Virtual:X, which provides multi-dimensional sound from any source; while the SK8Y, SK9Y, and SK10Y offer support for Dolby Atmos for a fully immersive experience.

LG’s exclusive Adaptive Sound Control automatically optimizes the audio based on what’s playing, whether it’s an action movie or the nightly news; and Sound Sync wirelessly links compatible LG TVs to the sound bar via Bluetooth so you can eliminate the clutter of cables.

The SK8Y, SK9Y, and SK10Y come with Chromecast built-in so you can stream tunes from your favourite service, like Pandora or Google Play Music, with a subscription. The SK10Y adds Meridian Audio technology to further expand the image height and widen the sound field.


Get multi-dimensional sound with any of these four LG hi-res audio sound bars. With the SK5Y, DTS Virtual:X provides dimensional sound from any source, regardless of the size of your room, or its layout. You’ll be enveloped by Virtual Height and Virtual Sound channels that provide enhanced bass and crystal clear dialogue.

Kick the listening experience up a notch with the SK9Y, and SK10Y LG hi-res audio sound bars, which offer Dolby Atmos virtual height with up-firing speakers. The SK8Y supports Dolby Atmos virtual height which simulates the up-firing speaker sound. The SK10Y adds independent volume control for the overhead channels as well, so you can get a truly customized experience to suit your needs and the content you’re watching or type of music you’re listening to.


Get audiophile-quality digital music, with higher sampling rates and bit depth that can contribute to more accurate and enjoyable music listening experiences with LG hi-res audio sound bars.

Certified Hi-Res Audio means you can play back lossless stereo audio at up to 24-bit/192kHz quality via the LG sound bars, when using compatible high-res music files.

Audiophiles will appreciate the audiophile-grade speaker and Meridian Audio technology found in the top-of-the-line SK10Y model. This combines advanced signal processing and hardware design to expand image height and widen the sound field, along with custom Clear Vocals and Enhanced Bass presets.


Adaptive Sound Control identifies what’s playing, like action movies, dramas, sports, music, or the evening news, and automatically adjusts to the right sound mode to create the perfect audio complement.

Add a pair of wireless surround speakers (the wireless Surround Sound Kit is sold separately) to get an authentic multi-channel home theatre experience.

Using 4K pass-through, available in the SK10Y LG hi-res audio sound bar, input and output 4K signals with no loss of image quality, and get a full 4K home theatre experience from numerous sources, including streaming content.


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