A Tab worth waiting for

A tablet doesn’t have to be in your hands at all times to make itself useful. That’s what sets apart Lenovo’s tablets from others when you include the accessory that makes it so versatile. When you prop up the Smart Tab M10 Plus or Smart Tab M8 on their respective charging stations, you have a more than just a screen looking at you. You have a smart home hub to utilize at your leisure.

Google Assistant is always available to act on a request or command. Your daily schedule, smart home devices and music preferences are all at your fingertips through your voice. And when you just want to unwind and entertain yourself with these tablets, take them off the station and use them anywhere you go. Download the apps you like from Google Play, stream media from your favourite sources and even push the content to your TV.

Lenovo pays its Tab with good design

You get a premium look and feel when holding the Tab M10 in your hands. Its 10.3-inch FHD display is flanked by dual stereo speakers that support Dolby Atmos content. The processor inside is capable of handling your casual gaming sessions, as well as all the content you want to stream.

You can expand the 32GB of internal storage by sliding in a microSD memory card as large as 256GB to store more of what you need. Add the apps you want most from Google Play, and make use of the Android ecosystem, like moving content over to your TV through a Chromecast device.

You get the same stylish design with the Lenovo Tab M8. With up to a 95% full metal cover and the 8-inch HD display covering 83% of the front panel, there’s a lot of tablet in a smaller frame. Faster speed and a stable connection make it easy to enjoy the content you like most without worry.

When you want to know, ask Google

Google Assistant’s Ambient mode takes the lock screen to another level by displaying important information. That includes weather, calendar events, reminders, alarms, and even music playback. See notifications, and when idle, have it show images from your Google Photos library.

The dual high-performance MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems) microphones listen for your voice commands, springing Google Assistant into action to oblige. It’s all hands-free voice recognition, picking up your voice from a distance in the same room.

Use it as a hub to control your smart home devices, or start your day with your upcoming schedule. Ask a question when you’re stumped about something. Inquire about a recipe and follow along to make a delicious dish.

Watching those eyes with added protection

Too much blue light from the screen isn’t good for your eyes, especially when you’re winding down for bed. These tablets have an extra layer of protection for your eyes through special light modes to make it easier on your eyes.

The blue light filter uses a warmer tone to reduce eye strain at the most appropriate times. You can set that manually when you feel like it, or have it turn on and off on a schedule of your choosing.

This applies to all of Lenovo’s tablets, and is not an exclusive feature. And you can use it while the Tab M10 sits on its charging station as well, giving you the ultimate flexibility in when you apply this extra protection.

All of these Lenovo tablets are available exclusively from Best Buy.

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