The Lenovo 7″ Smart Display does everything you need it to do, and more!

Have you experienced the convenience of your own personal smart voice assistant? What about one that doesn’t just interact with you audibly, but also visually? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll enjoy when you get the new Lenovo 7″ Smart Display. You can use the built-in Google Duo video calling feature to converse with far away family and friends, get valuable information from the Internet on virtually any subject, and you can even use it as a means to control all your other smart home devices.

The Lenovo 7″ Display features all the latest and best technology. It’s got built-in stereo speakers, a 7″ photo-like touchscreen display, and the smart voice assistant it employs is the ever reliable Google Assistant. It also works with Google Photos to display your favourite pictures, is stylish and attractive to fit any modern decor, and it’s even respectful of your personal life: Its camera features the innovative TrueBlock Privacy Shutter as well as a physical mute button.

With stereo speakers for music & videos 

The Lenovo 7″ Display provides excellent sound quality. Its room-filling stereo speakers will help to brighten your day whether playing all your favourite tunes, entertaining you with the latest YouTube videos, or just keeping you company with familiar radio programming. Its superior speaker quality will also help you to hear the voices of your loved ones better when on a video call with them.

With 5W of powerful stereo sound in each of the Lenovo 7″ Display’s dual 1.5″ speakers, you’re always assured of hearing crisp, clear sound—no matter what you’re listening to. You can watch and listen to the day’s news briefings, be entertained by live sporting events, and even take in popular TV shows and movies on its 7″ screen. With the power and clarity of its dual stereo speakers, the Lenovo 7″ Display ensures that you’ll never miss a sound of the action.

Just ask Google!

If you want to know something pertinent, like the day’s weather forecast, all you have to do is ask Google. The Lenovo 7″ Display will not only give you the information verbally, but it will also show you all the details visually on screen as well. And it can show you more than just the weather too. You can have it show you a map of your work commute, a calendar of your upcoming schedule and appointments, all the latest news and sports scores, and a whole lot more. 

Just start by saying “Hey Google,” followed by the question you want to have answered. For instance, you could say “Hey Google, what’s the current Canadian to US dollar exchange rate?,” and the answer will be presented on screen. Other examples of questions you could ask are “Hey Google, what time does [insert business name] close?” and “Hey Google, in what year was Canada formed?” The possibilities are endless!

Streams your home security cameras as well as controlling over 40,000 other smart devices 

The Lenovo 7″ Display isn’t just a great convenience in the realm of personal entertainment. It’s also a trusted ally when it comes to home security! With it you can live stream the feed from your smart home security cameras to see who’s at your door or in your yard. In fact, the Lenovo Smart Display allows you to control over 40,000 different compatible smart devices from 5,000 of the most trusted brands in the business.

Better yet, controlling your smart home with the Lenovo 7″ Display is just as easy as using it for any other purpose. You can do it by voice request, or by a touch of the Home Control dashboard. Whichever method you choose, you’ll be able to monitor your security cameras, control your smart home devices, and enjoy the many great benefits of a modern, connected, voice-controlled home. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

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