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JAM Headphones Overview

JAM Headphones Overview


Are you ready to rock out to the true musical freedom that can only be experienced with JAM’s Bluetooth™ Headphones and wireless Earbuds? If you’ve been looking for the ultimate headphones and/or earbuds for the music lover on the go, then you’ve been looking for JAM!

Choose from 3 amazing wireless headphone/earbud sets. There’s JAM’s Live Loose (HX-EP202) Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, JAM’s Out There (HX-HP303) Headphones, and JAM’s Live True (HX-EP900) Earbuds—each of which offers great features such as sweat and rain resistance, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and long lasting play times. 

Moreover, each specific set has its own useful advantages, like the Live Loose set’s special cord management system and handy sport fins, the Out There set’s comfortable ear cups and portable ‘fold over’ design, and the Live True set’s amazing (and fulfilled) promise of true wireless freedom, just to name a few. It’s truly time to JAM!


If you enjoy lightweight earphones with a variety of unique features, including 5 different colour options for you to choose from, JAM’s Live Loose (HX-EP202) Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are the perfect buds for you.

Not only are these phones super comfortable to wear, but they also provide you with up to 6 hours of continuous play time of your favourite tunes, are IPX4 rated for sweat and rain resistance, and they even allow you to adjust the size of their cord (called Cord Management) for the best possible fit and no loose wires ever getting in your way.

Additional features of JAM’s Live Loose Earbuds include easy USB charging of their rechargeable lithium ion battery, hands-free calling when you need to talk on your phone, and a sport fin design to keep the buds securely in your ears at all times—even when you’re being active.


Whenever you’re Out There with JAM’s HX-HP303 Headphones, you’ll never be alone. These long lasting headphones (with their whopping 17 hours of playtime) allow you to pause your favourite music within a 15 meter/50 foot Bluetooth range any time you need to make a hands-free phone call. 

What’s more, these phones allow you to choose between going completely wireless or plugging them in with an auxiliary cord. In either case, you’ll enjoy Active Noise Canceling technology for crisp and clear sound through every beautiful note.

Additional features of JAM’s Out There Headphones include sweat and rain resistance (for the active, outdoor type), pivoting earcups for a great fit and long lasting comfort during wear, and the ability to fold up flat for easy storage and transportation purposes. They’re the ideal over-the-ear headphones for both casual and everyday use.


If you’re the always-on-the-go type, JAM’s wireless Live True (HX-EP900) Earbuds may be your best option. These awesome headphones may only provide up to 3 hours of playing time per charge, but their special carrying case actually doubles as a charger itself. 

What’s more, this charger is good for up to 10 uses before needing a charge itself, meaning you’ll actually receive as much as 30 total hours of listening time with the Live True Earbuds set.

Equally impressive is the fact that their special carrying case also serves as a back-up battery pack for your various other devices, so you won’t have to worry about a dead cell phone as long as your Live True Earbuds are handy.

Finally, Live True Earbuds offer hands-free calling, and they don’t even have any annoying wires to get in your way. Live True Earbuds offer true wireless freedom for the music lover on the go!


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