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8th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

8th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors


We are in a new era of computing and digital entertainment, one with demands that an older PC simply can’t keep up with. 4K UHD video, virtual reality, PC gaming, online shopping and the ever increasing need for hardened security mean computers released just five years ago now show their age painfully. It’s time for a new generation of CPUs designed for the demands of the new digital world. Introducing 8th gen Intel Core processors.

The 8th generation Intel Core processor is Intel’s most powerful processor ever, and one designed to meet today’s demanding computer environment. Besides an impressive raw performance gain, look for on-chip support for 4K UHD video, and advanced security technology.

Whether you’re looking for an IntelCore i3, Intel Core i5 or a powerful Intel Core i7, you can count on 8th gen Intel Core processors to provide the performance your computer needs today, and into the future.


The new 8th generation Intel Core processors offer exceptional performance in a massive leap forward. When you upgrade to a PC equipped with this next generation CPU, it offers an unprecedented level of power and responsiveness.

You’ll be able to work twice as fast as a five-year-old PC on productivity tasks like Microsoft Office, rendering video footage is over 14 times faster, web browsing is speedier, touch screens are more responsive and laptop battery life is longer. In other words, the 8th gen Intel Core processors are designed to make your computer soar in today’s digital world.


8th gen Intel Core processors focus on support for advanced digital entertainment.  That means built-in support for streaming 4K Ultra HD video, with four times the pixels of Full HD graphics. With an 8th gen Intel Core processor inside, your PC will be ready to edit, stream and share 4K video, discover new worlds with VR and Windows Mixed Reality, and play your favourite video games. Your PC becomes your entertainment hub.

The new Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors feature two additional cores compared to the previous generation, with UHD 620 integrated graphics. 8th generation Intel Core i3 processors will be coming soon.


When it comes to your computer—whether it’s a Windows PC or a Mac—security is more important now than ever. 8th gen Intel Core processors were designed with strong, built-in, automatic security as a key feature.

When your computer is equipped with an 8th gen Intel Core processor, you can take advantage of secure, biometric log-in using facial, voice or fingerprint recognition. Shop safely online knowing that your fingerprint can be used to authorize your PC to make payments.

The 8th gen Intel Core processor family includes advanced security measures at the processor level. You can safely store your passwords, data and other key personal information on your computer and make the most of your digital life. Browse the web without worry and even check your online banking info, knowing your computer is secure and protected by its 8th generation Intel Core processor.


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