Superior sound and Google Assistant—all new design

Your smart speaker should reflect your home; its beauty, your taste and the fact that it’s a busy and vibrant family hub. The new Nest Audio is you family control centre, and it all starts with the power of the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant is built into Nest Audio and is a huge help around the house. Just say ‘Hey Google’ to set timers and alarms or hear your daily calendar. Plus, with outstanding audio quality, Nest Audio creates an audio system to fill your home with sound. Listen to music in stereo, or play it all over the house.

Naturally, Nest Audio comes with privacy built in. You can delete your Assistant history easily or just turn off the microphone using the switch on the back.

Amazing sound at your command

Your smart speaker needs two things: brains and superior sound quality. Nest Audio has both in spades. The new Nest Audio can help you create a home audio system that fills your home with sound. Listen to music in stereo or hear it all over your home by pairing easily with other Nest Audio devices, Chromecast-enabled devices, or compatible speakers.

With Nest Audio’s woofer, tweeter, and tuning software, crisp vocals and powerful bass fill your room and you can hear music the way it should sound. The new Nest Audio is 75% louder than the original Google Home, with 50% stronger bass. And uses those Google Assistant smarts to adapt to your environment: Nest Audio has the technology to adapt to your space and whatever you’re listening to, so music sounds better.

Just say, “Hey Google” to stream music, playlists, podcasts, or audiobooks from the streaming services you use most, including YouTube Music, Spotify, and CBC Radio.

Huge help around the house

You already know the Google Assistant is one of the most powerful digital assistants on the planet, and in the all new Nest Audio design, it brings the power of the entire internet to your home. You can say things like, “Hey Google, what’s the weather this weekend?” Ask Google to update you on the news or sports scores, or listen to your family schedule. With Voice Match, you can hear personalized info, like your own meeting schedule. Nest Audio can also help keep you connected by making hands-free Duo audio calls too.

It has the power to connect every device in your smart home with a simple “Hey, Google” command. Control thousands of compatible devices, like TVs, lights, thermostats, and locks—from brands you love. And they’re easy to set up right in the Google Home app.

Finally, you also get peace of mind. With a Nest Aware subscription, Nest Audio can detect unusual sounds, like glass breaking or your smoke alarm going off, and send you an alert.

Thoughtfully designed and environmentally sound

The new Nest Audio features a thoughtful new design, inspired by your home. Nest Audio’s colors, size, and softened shape are made to fit beautifully into any room. It’s also been designed with the environment in mind: the enclosure is made from 70% recycled plastic.

Nest Audio works with your other Nest speakers, Nest video displays, and Chromecast-enabled devices, to create a whole home ecosystem that’s easy to manage.

Nest Audio is also designed with family in mind: Nest Audio and Google Assistant features can help your family disconnect from technology during dinner, bedtime, or special moments. Plus with family-friendly filters, you can block access to music with explicit lyrics and control video services.

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  1. I think the google home is a classic design..wish the nest audio looked the same only bigger instead of a pillow on its side.

  2. Looks a lot better than the old one. Not that the old one looked particularly bad, it just just tended to stand out in a “oh look I have a google home” way. I have two Home Minis and they just sit out of the way and just blend in with their environments. This one looks like just a speaker (in the promo photos and video anyway) and I think I’ll pick up the charcoal one and put it on a dark bookshelf.

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