FoodMarble AIRE helps you find the foods that make you feel good

Do you suffer from occasional (or even frequent) digestive discomfort? Many Canadians do! In fact, more than 1 in 8 Canadians suffer from chronic digestive discomfort as a result of the foods they eat. Sadly, figuring out which foods are or are not safe for them to eat is easier said than done.

But now scientific help is available in the form of the FoodMarble AIRE—a hydrogen breath testing device that helps users to figure out which foods are causing them the most digestive problems.

Breath testing has long been used by doctors to help people find the best foods for their unique digestive problems. Unfortunately, this technology has always been very expensive. But now this incredible digestive science is readily available to you!

Join the thousands of people now eliminating the guesswork from their daily diets and putting an end to the digestive disruptions with the amazing FoodMarble AIRE device and its ingenious companion app.

Eliminate the guesswork from your daily diet

Digestion is a process that’s unique to every individual. If you’ve had digestion issues in the past and tried to figure out which foods were the ones causing you the problems, you’ve likely found that this process takes a whole lot of guesswork.

The FoodMarble AIRE device and its dedicated smart phone app take the guesswork out of determining which foods are the easiest for you to digest by measuring how your body digests different food items in real time and turning that raw data into useful information.

Never guess again when it comes to what’s safe for you to comfortably eat. With FoodMarble AIRE, you’ll track the foods you eat and uncover which ones digest easily and which ones don’t, thus allowing you to adopt a healthy diet that’s tasty, nutritious, and leaves your body feeling great.

Track results and crunch the data

The FoodMarble AIRE is a small, portable device that uses a simple breath test to uncover data related to your digestion that was previously unavailable to you. Simply breathe into the device and the results of your breath analysis will appear on your smart phone screen.

The FoodMarble AIRE also allows you to input any symptoms you might have after eating, create a log of what you’ve eaten, record your sleeping patterns, stress, and even your trips to the bathroom. Taken together, this information allows the FoodMarble AIRE app to crunch the data and identify trends over time that you might not notice yourself.

You’ll be able to identify trends in the foods you’re eating and the resulting symptoms and breath scores that they reveal. You’ll even be able to determine which trigger components (called FODMAPs) are causing your problems. Then use the FoodMarble Food Library to identify the FODMAP content of particular food items so you can easily find tasty and trouble-free alternatives.

Comes with the FODMAP Testing Program

Every FoodMarble AIRE bundle includes the FODMAP Testing Program, which allows you to test your own individual response to common trigger ingredients in the foods that you’re consuming.

If you wish to do one of the FODMAP tests yourself, the 4 steps include fasting overnight, making up your FODMAP solution, taking regular breath tests over a 3 hour period, and checking the app for your individual results. Included among the 4 FODMAP testing components are Fructose, Lactose, Inulin, and Sorbitol.

By taking the FODMAP test, you’ll be able to determine which foods your body is not capable of absorbing. In this way you can eliminate those foods from your diet which aren’t digesting properly and achieve better and more comfortable digestion by only eating foods in the future that your body is capable of fully breaking down.

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  1. The FoodMarble AIRE device is a very good and useful testing device for me as I have suffered from digest issue for a long time. Unfortunately it’s expensive and I can’t afford to buy it for this time. Please let me know if the price has gone down or you will do discount promotion for this unit.
    Thanks, Simon

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