The EPOS GSP 370 is a feature rich wireless gaming headset that satisfies the most demand gamers needs. By using their renowned lag-free low latency connection technology, the GSP 370 delivers reliable audio with up to an impressive 100 hours of play on just a single charge. Additionally, the headset’s integrated digital sound processing enhances your gaming audio experience by giving you incomparable acoustic clarity and bass performance.

Game audio is fully customizable using the EPOS Gaming Suite. It comes with an abundance of options including sound modes and predefined settings for some of the most popular game genres. Moreover, the GSP 370 comes equipped with a broadcast quality noise-cancelling microphone with a lift-to-mute boom arm. You’ll never have to worry about comfort, as the GSP 370 is equipped with memory foam ear cushions that keep out ambient noises and allow you to enjoy gaming for hours upon end.

Up to 100 hours of battery life on a single charge

The GSP 370 comes with an integrated battery, which allows you to game without worries. With just a single charge, you get up to 100 hours of battery life! No more worrying about having to cut short your gaming sessions with friends.

Gamers who play for 20 hours a week can go up to five weeks before having to charge their headset! And, charging your GSP 370 wireless gaming headset is easy. To charge your headset, you simply plug in the supplied micro-USB cable. Even better, you can use the headset while charging for nonstop gameplay action!

Reliable wireless, lag-free audio

When you’re playing games, there is nothing more annoying than having the audio cut in and out or distort. Thankfully, with the GSP 370, you never have to worry about it. These finely crafted wireless gaming headsets use proprietary low latency technology, which gives you rock solid audio that you can count on.

Additionally, GSP 370’s proprietary technology delivers lag-free audio that can mean the difference between winning and losing. With lag-free audio, you’ll have lightning fast reflexes, which will give you the advantage over your opponents.

Multi-platform, feature rich wireless headset gaming 

Get ready to hold on to your set! If you’re not already impressed by the GSP 370 wireless gaming headset’s features, then you soon will be. The GSP 370 comes with a flexible, broadcast quality noise-cancelling microphone for crystal clear communication online. Additionally, its lift-to-mute boom arm allows you to quickly mute your mic when the occasion arises.

Do you play games on multiple platforms? If so, you will be happy to know that the GSP 370 wireless gaming headset has you covered. It is compatible with PS5, PS4, MAC and PC. The GSP 370 was built with comfort and ease of use in mind. As a result, the padded headband and memory foam ear cushions allow you to game comfortably for hours and hours upon end. In addition to the integrated volume wheel on the GSP 370’s ear cup, the memory foam ear cushions isolate ambient noise and allow you to focus on what matters most, game audio.

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