The Dell XPS series laptops have been totally remastered to include the Intel Core i7 10th Gen processors. Built for style and power, they include three configurations: the XPS9300, which has Intel Iris Plus Graphics, the XPS9500 with Nvidia GTX Graphics, and the XPS9700 with Nvidia RTX2060 Graphics.

As the most award-winning notebook in Dell’s company history, the remastered XPS series laptops are made from premium materials and feature best-in-class displays. They also mark the thinnest and lightest XPS models to date.

The recycled material packaging helps reduce the environmental footprint. Use them with premium Dell software, like Dell Mobile Connect for creating an integrated experience with your smartphone and Dell Cinema, to provide a cinematic experience while streaming video on the laptop computers.


Dell didn’t skimp on materials with these stunning new XPS laptops: they are made from premium machined aluminum and carbon fibre materials.

Employing expert craftsmanship, each has a high-resolution display that features edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass that is strong, resistant to both impacts and scratches.

The screen also features Eyesafe Technology to help reduce the strain on your eyes after working for long periods of time. Eyesafe technology works in a similar way that sunscreen works, by selectively blocking portions of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light spectrum to prevent the potential negative effects it can have on the eyes and body. As this is accomplished, accurate colours are still maintained on the screen so you get the optimal viewing experience.


With each version of the Dell XPS notebook, you’ll get high performance in a compact package. It’s smaller, thinner, and lighter than any previous generation Dell XPS laptop model.

The InfinityEdge thermal design provides a favourable screen-to-body ratio so that you get a larger screen in a smaller overall size, with less surrounding bezel.

Dual opposite outlet fans, meanwhile, increase airflow and drive cooling in both directions to keep the temperature down and the laptop chugging away, without overheating.


The new Dell XPS laptops feature something called GORE Thermal Insulation as part of their innovative thermal designs. GORE Thermal Insulation features lower thermal conductivity than air, thus helping to reduce hot spots and lowering the surface temperature of the device.

The result? Better heat dissipation, which in turn, leads to the potential for increased performance and an extended battery life. Those are things any laptop user can appreciate and can make all the difference in a pleasurable user experience.

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