Citizen Promaster Watches—a timepiece for every adventure

Are you an active person with an appreciation for quality, precision, and durability? If so, the Citizen Promaster line of professional-grade timepiece instruments is sure to have something that fits your needs and interests.

Citizen’s Promaster collection of quality watches has captured the respect and admiration of adventurers around the world. It’s also captured imaginations with its wide-ranging utility. Whether your adventures take you to the snowy peaks, the murky depths, or up, up and away into the endless skies, there’s a rugged and ready Citizen Promaster watch waiting to accompany you.

But Citizen Promaster watches are not just along for the ride. This line of professional-grade timepieces is specifically engineered to serve in any of three key areas. They’re built for use on the land, in the sea, or in the air, and each one is a purpose-built tool that will help you along the way.

Promaster Air

Prominent in Citizen’s collection is the Promaster Air—a sleek line of pilot-inspired watches offering professional-grade features for those with a love of flight. Models in this line include the Nighthawk, the Blue Angels Nighthawk, the Navihawk AT, and the Skyhawk AT. Common features of these large, pilot-style watches include a stainless steel screw-back case, a chronograph with tachymeter, alarms, and a pilot’s rotating slide rule.

Soar to new heights and challenge your personal limits with Citizen’s unique collection of Promaster Air watches that are designed and equipped for professional use. Though the Promaster Air is a modern interpretation, Citizen’s professional line of sports watches has been a trusted favourite among adventurers since its initial debut in 1989. This watch has everything you need for any type of airborne adventure. It’s a tool watch among tool watches.

Promaster Land

If your adventures mostly keep you on land, perhaps it’s a need for speed that you have? If so, the Promaster Land is perfectly suited to all manner of high-speed adventuring. In addition to unique design elements—like the bullhead style case of the Tsuno Chrono Racer, you’ll also enjoy features like stainless steel construction and a flyback chronograph for timing your many adventures. In fact, these professional tool watches have everything you need for the toughest land environments.

Models like the Altichron and SST are tough, durable, and offer beneficial features that will assist you in your land-based adventures. Possibilities include a rotating bezel, a screw-back case for enhanced water-resistance, a built-in electronic compass for helping you find your way, and even a power reserve indicator so you always know how much power you have left. And of course, Citizen’s famous Eco-Drive technology will keep your watch running smoothly and keeping accurate time while deriving its energy from any light source.

Promaster Sea

For those who like to explore the underwater frontiers of lakes and oceans, the Promaster Sea collection has the advanced features and functions you need to conquer the hidden depths. This collection includes popular models like the Aqualand, the 1000M Professional Diver, the Diver GMT, and the Sailhawk. With each of these top quality timepieces you can dive to great depths or swim, surf, and sail your way to amazing sea adventures. This is because the Promaster Sea is meant for life on or under water with up to 1000 metres of water resistance.

Citizen’s professional line of sports watches takes performance to new heights—or in this case, depths. They meet the needs of professionals and amateurs alike who blaze the trails that others will ultimately follow, providing advanced functionality through Citizen’s innovative technology. Their enhanced durability means they’re perfectly suited to the most extreme environments, allowing you to go deeper, higher, and further—beyond even your own imagination.

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