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Bose® SoundSport® Free wireless headphones overview

Bose® SoundSport® Free wireless headphones overview

Enjoy truly wireless freedom crystal clear sound with Bose

Your demanding workout demands a set of Headphones to match. Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones are here to meet those demands. With Bose’s patented StayHear+ sport tips on each earpiece, these lightweight earbuds stay on your ears comfortably during workouts. Bose’s Connect App will help you find your earphones if they go missing. Also you can stay connected while listening to your favourite music: take voice calls or access Siri or Google Assistant.

Bose SoundSport Free come in a variety of colours for you to choose from too. They’re available in Triple Black, Midnight Blue with Yellow Citron or Bright Orange with Midnight Blue.

Freedom of movement without wires

Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones stay charged throughout your workout with up to 5 hours of battery life. Voice commands will have you connected quickly as they guide you through the Bluetooth setup. The connection is consistent, and reliable. A proprietary acoustic design and volume-optimized equalization works with Bose’s digital signal processing to deliver crystal clear music.

Best of all, this is all done without the help of wires or bulk so you don’t get tangled up or disrupted no matter what you’re doing. Just begin your workout and enjoy the music.


Bose SoundSport Free lets you work hard and play hard

Bose SoundSport Free headphones were designed with a demanding workout in mind. Whether you run on the treadmill, jog around the park or bike around the city, you’ll appreciate headphones that work consistently. Bose’s StayHear+ sport tips are even designed to stay comfortably and securely in place all workout long while creating a gentle seal in your ear to help maintain audio performance.

SoundSport Free headphones have also been tested to an ingress protection rating of IPx4, meaning that they have been designed to keep out rain and moisture.

A case, and features that look out for your best interests when you aren’t

Whether you’re taking breaks between crushing your workouts or just stopping your music for a meeting, Bose makes sure that the music never dies. The magnetic case is capable of charging your headphones for 2 full cycles. That means that in addition to the 5 hours you’ll already enjoy, you get up to 10 additional hours by using the case to recharge your headphones.

Worried about misplacing an earbud? No problem. Just hook up to the “Find my Buds” options within the Bose app and use it to help find your missing headphones.

You won’t even need to take your headphones off to take phone calls. Access your phone’s Siri or Google Assistant right from the earbud. A dual-mic array lets your callers hear you clearly, even with the noisy environment around you.


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  1. If you’re used to having a video distraction when you use indoor cardio equipment, it’s possible that you’ll experience lag between the video’s audio and what you’re seeing (audio lag). Won’t be an issue if you’re listening to your own music, but lag is an issue with these in many cases. Also, if you plan on using an external blue tooth transmitter with this product, audio lag is almost guaranteed. Bottom line – buyer beware if you plan on using these for video.

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