Feeling secure

Securing your home is easier when you can always be sure that you have a clear view indoors whenever you aren’t home. That’s what the Blink Mini is able to provide, with the clarity of 1080p HD video anytime—day or night. All you need is your smartphone and the Blink app to see what the camera sees in real-time; even in pitch darkness, built-in infrared night vision will light up the room.

Different Blink models in different sizes and an easy do-it-yourself installation mean you can increase your home’s security even faster. Blink cameras puts placement in your hands, letting you determine the ideal vantage points that you want to protect most. Plus, Blink Cameras have microphones and speakers to let you communicate with family, friends, visitors, or pets when you’re not home.

Setting in motion

It’s up to you on what and how you want the Blink Mini to alert you. Built-in motion detection means the camera can automatically send a notification to your phone telling you that it saw something moving in its field of vision. You can also control the range and areas you want the camera to cover by assigning activity zones through an onscreen grid. Select the zones you want to be active, and those you want the camera to ignore, so as to reduce the number of false alerts. With Basic mode, you can choose to cover a wider field of view, while Advanced mode can zoom in for more focused detection.

Blink cameras are also made to detect other important changes. Sensors can tell you when the temperature drops out of a preferred range, so you can bring a camera in if it gets too cold outside in winter or if the temperature becomes uncomfortable for a baby in a nursery.

Talking both ways

With two-way audio features, you’re never fully out of the loop away from home. Blink cameras are equipped with microphones and speakers to enable verbal communication between you and anyone you see through the camera. You get a live view from the camera, with anyone speaking coming through audibly through your phone’s speakers, while your voice outputs from the Blink’s own speakers. You’ll find it really convenient to place the camera anywhere to view and participate in a family function without being home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the Blink XT2 or Blink Mini because both have the same two-way audio features. See, hear and speak to people and pets anytime by simply opening the Blink app on your smartphone.

Simple setup

You won’t have to concern yourself with any elaborate and drawn-out process to set up a Blink Mini. Whether it’s just one or a package of them, they are made to be simple to get up and running. Simply plug it in and within minutes it will be working.

Blink cameras connect to your home Wi-Fi network, managed by a straightforward step-by-step guide through the app. The Blink Mini is nimble and easy to keep out in the open or hide somewhere away from unsuspecting interlopers.

It’s also easy to customize settings to your own preferences through the app. Take it further by pairing the Blink Mini with a supported Alexa-enabled device to use your voice to see a live view, view recorded videos or arm/disarm the camera.

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  1. I am interested in this. I have a few question.
    1. battery life over winter
    2. at what temperature range does it work in
    3. this camera will be outside year round, is the camera lens covered so rain does not cause trouble. (camera will be mounted 9 feet from ground
    4. what to except in every cold and heat, hudimity
    5. support. ( I ask this for the reason I can not seen to contact Blink.com
    6 is there a another product I should look ( have a area of 20′ x 30′ to watch)
    7 is wired better over wireless

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