Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is a new evolution of speaker. With sound technology from audio pioneers Devialet, this speaker provides incredible sound quality from a very compact and chic device. This high fidelity speaker can also charge devices wirelessly with its integrated Qi charging pad and it’s also smart, thanks to integration with the Google Assistant. That means you can control your music wirelessly—and gain smart home control over lights, locks, thermostats and more.

Plus, Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE has the ability to pair with other SOUNDFORM ELITE or Google-assistant-enabled smart speakers to create a whole home audio ecosystem.


The number one feature of a speaker should be great sound. Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE uses audio technology from sound global pioneers Devialet, so you know it’s going to sound outstanding. With clear audio, rich resonant bass, and a host of imbedded technology, the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE smart Hi-Fi speaker can satisfy the needs of discerning audiophiles.

Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE uses Speaker Active Matching (SAM®) technology which was developed for absolute fidelity, ensuring SOUNDFORM ELITE performs at its best.  This technology means you’ll hear full powerful bass with crystal-clear detail at any volume. SAM perfectly recreates sound as the artist intends it, offering elite level audio from a compact yet powerful speaker.

Vibration cancelling technology built in uses a ‘push-push’ dual woofer configuration which is able to eliminate vibrations while delivering a deep and impactful sound experience.


The engineers at Belkin thought long and hard about the design of this speaker. It’s made to both sound great and look good: the speaker’s architecture and spherical shape is designed to complement the natural movement of soundwaves, literally filling the room with sound.

With all the battery powered and connected devices we use today, finding fast, reliable, and convenient charging is more important now than ever. The special Qi charging dock on the Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE speaker provides users with a convenient and easy place to leave a smartphone, and the angled design of the Qi platform means you can still keep watch on the screen. This fast wireless charging is optimized for iPhone, Samsung, Google and more.


These days, we expect our speakers to do more: gone are they days when they were simple playback devices. Now the expectation is our speakers are smart, and can help us with daily tasks with just a question or command.

Belkin SOUNDFORM ELITE is voice assistant enabled, thanks to the power of the Google Assistant. This responsive and ever-updating digital assistant lets you integrate your existing smart home with your new Belkin speaker easily, so you can use it to control lights, make lists, adjust family schedules, get news and weather info and more. It’s an easier way to enjoy music—and more—at home, just with your voice.

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