Is home security important to you? If so, you’re going to love the new Arlo Ultra 4K Wire-Free Security Camera! It’s easy to install, boasts enhanced audio and video capabilities, and provides unparalleled peace of mind. 

Among its key capabilities are a wide viewing angle and the ability to zoom in for a greater level of detail. Also present are advanced night vision (with full colour view—even after dark) and an integrated spotlight to light up the night and drive away unwanted visitors.

Additional features of the Arlo Ultra include advanced noise cancelling technology to minimize background sound during two-way communications, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and the ability to remotely access your video recordings directly from your Arlo Smart Hub. 

The Arlo Ultra even offers a full year of the Arlo Smart Premier service with rolling 30 day cloud recordings for up to 10 individual cameras.


If you want top quality video and audio, the Arlo Ultra delivers! Not only does it provide advanced 4K & HDR image quality for an amazing level of detail, but it also offers a 180 degree wide-angle view, effectively allowing you to place the camera in one corner and see an entire room. 

The Arlo Ultra also has a zooming feature for an even higher level of detail. This feature is particularly useful for outdoor surveillance of a larger property (the Arlo Ultra is weatherproof and may be used either indoors or out). Simply zoom the camera in on what you want to get a better look at and enjoy the view!

To enjoy the Ultra’s 4K streaming capabilities, the Arlo Ultra SmartHub is required, and you’ll also need for your Arlo Ultra and the Arlo App to be connected to the same local area network. For Cloud access and storage of high resolution clips, an add-on subscription to the Arlo Smart service is required.


Another excellent feature of the new Arlo Ultra is its enhanced night vision. With this incredible feature, you’ll be able to see whatever’s lurking about in full colour detail (as opposed to the standard black and white night vision feature of most home security cameras).

Imagine the detail you’ll enjoy and the information you will glean from having access to full colour footage. For instance, if a trespasser was stalking your property, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to offer the police details of what colour jacket and pants they were wearing? 

With the Arlo Ultra, that is exactly what you will be able to do, and all from the comfort and safety of the inside of your home.


Among the most useful features of the Arlo Ultra is its integrated spotlight, which makes for a great security enhancement as it allows you to run trespassers off simply by exposing them to the light and leaving them with no place to hide.

When your camera and spotlight are triggered by sound or motion, you’ll also receive an instant alert on your iOS or Android based smart device to let you know. However, if you’d prefer the lurker not to know you are watching them, you can disable the spotlight feature in your device settings. 

You can also, if you so choose, listen in on whoever is skulking about, or you may communicate with them via the Arlo Ultra’s two-way audio feature with noise canceling technology to drown out any background sounds. 

Other useful extras of the Arlo Ultra are one year of the Arlo Smart Premier service. This service provides extras such as Extended Recordings, Advanced Object Detection, and Activity Zones (whereby you can set up specific target areas to monitor). With the new Arlo Ultra, security comes standard!

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