The Amazon Echo Show 15 brings harmony to your home

If you enjoy having a harmonious and well-organized household, you’re going to love the new Amazon Echo Show 15 smart display. Complete with the Alexa voice assistant built in, the Echo Show 15 keeps your household both organized and entertained with amazing features and a personalized experience for each member of the family.

Among the features and benefits of the Echo Show 15 are the ability to watch your favourite shows and movies from services like Prime Video and Netflix, as well as the ability to stream your favourite radio stations and podcasts—or listen to great audiobooks through Audible, Spotify, or Amazon Music. 

The Echo Show 15 also offers multiple layers of privacy controls; helps to keep you organized and on track with sticky notes, lists, and reminders; acts as a dynamic digital photo frame, and much, much more. It even gives you the option of mounting it on your wall!

Easily coordinate and organize family life

The Echo Show 15 has a variety of special features that make organizing and coordinating family life easier and more harmonious. For instance, family members can easily leave each other the electronic equivalent of sticky notes. This includes things like shopping and chores lists, and it even allows you to share and see each other’s individual calendar of upcoming events and appointments.

Thanks to the powerful Alexa smart assistant, each family member can make use of these specialized widgets that help to keep life running smoothly. Need to create a to-do list for the kids? It’s easy with Alexa. Similarly, you can set reminders to help them stay organized and get their chores, homework, or any other tasks done on time. With Alexa helping you out, you’ll enjoy all the smart home convenience of your own personal AI assistant and achieve a whole new level of family harmony. Alexa is always “happy to help”.

See what matters most

One benefit of the Echo Show 15 is that it allows you to choose the specific widgets that you wish to see on the home screen. For instance, perhaps you’d like to always see the local weather report for your area. This is easily accomplished with the Echo Show 15. Similarly, you can choose to have it show your personal calendar of upcoming appointments, your favourite music, or any other information you find most pertinent and relevant to everyday life.

With the Echo Show 15, you are in full control of what’s displayed—and when. You can even use it as a digital photo frame to see all your favourite photos. It works in both portrait and landscape modes, and it allows you to enjoy your albums from either Amazon Photos or Facebook. Choose to display your most precious memories or to quickly glance and see the information that’s most relevant to you and your family. The choice is yours!

Get a personalized—and private, view 

With the Echo Show 15, each member of your household can create their own unique profile using both visual and voice-based identification so that Alexa will recognize who’s who in your home. This way, Alexa will show the correct information to the proper individual, including things like their upcoming appointments and sticky notes. Alexa will even save their most recently played music for additional convenience.

And, since the Amazon Echo Show 15 is designed with your privacy in mind, you’ll enjoy the fact that it’s built with multiple layers of privacy protection. For instance, there’s an off button for the built-in mic and camera, as well as a physical shutter for the camera that gives you complete control over what it can photograph at any given time. You can also delete your voice recordings at any time, giving you complete control and transparency over your Echo Show experience.

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  1. Looks great, and love the functionality. For most people, fishing the wire through the wall would be an option…and look WAY better. Maybe a blog article showing people how easy that would be to do?

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