It’s simple to take a medical-grade EKG anytime, anywhere you desire, with the AliveCor Kardia personal EKG. Just download and open the Kardia app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, place your fingers on the two electrodes, and wait 30 seconds for the reading. You will see the results instantly.

The personal EKG monitor is clinical-grade, fully cleared for use by Health Canada to provide medical-grade readings, and is recommended by leading cardiologists from around the world.

The idea is to track for heart conditions or irregular patterns that could be an indication that something is wrong and prompt you to follow up with your doctor. In case of an emergency, of course, always see your doctor and/or contact emergency services.


The Kardia personal EKG checks for the three most common heart arrhythmias: atrial fibrillation (Afib), defined by an irregular or quivering heartbeat, bradycardia (a heart beat that is too slow), and tachycardia (a heartbeat that is more than 100 times per minute). It also monitors normal heart rhythms and detects if/when patterns or irregularities occur.

If you detect an irregular heartbeat or other common hearth arrhythmia, the app will log this and/or you can send the data to your doctor or other medical professional or show it to them on your next visit.

Additionally, The Kardia can also track blood pressure and weight. You can also use the handy app to keep track of medications that you need to take and view a history of when you took what so you can provide this information to a doctor or other medical professonial at your next appointment as well.


All EKG data captured by the Kardia mobile personal EKG is stored securely in your mobile device, including a compatible phone and/or tablet. You get unlimited EKG recordings with instant analysis. You can also e-mail a history of data to your doctor or other medical professional via the push of a button.

The app works with most Android and iOS phones and tablets and the device comes with a clever clip for easily attaching it to your phone.


AliveCor works with physicians and companies like heart health and wellness technology company Omron to help with remote patient care. And the company’s Kardia Mobile Personal EKG allows you to keep on top of your own heart health from virtually anywhere.

The device works with your phone and can take a medical-grade EKG reading in 30 seconds, storing the data in a compatible Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

The device measures 8.2 x 3.2 x 0.35 cm in size with a pair of 3 x 3 cm stainless steel electrodes and weighs just 18 grams, making it easy to bring along with you just about anywhere. It runs off a replaceable 3V CR2016 coin cell battery (included) and has a 200-hour operational time to provide about a full year of use. It doesn’t require any wires, patches, or gels, nor a subscription.

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