The Alfred Wi-Fi Smart Lock merges security with convenience

Would you enjoy having both security and convenience in a single deadbolt lock? If home security is important to you, now you can achieve total peace of mind while also balancing convenient, easy to use features with a sleek and modern design in the Alfred Wi-Fi Smart Lock. The Alfred Wi-Fi Smart Lock achieves the perfect balance between a sleek design, user-friendly features, and security you can trust. It fits nearly any standard door, and it has many clever and beneficial features to keep your home safe while providing easy access for you and those you trust.

Among its many features are PIN code access via the convenient keypad—including the option to create additional PINs for family and friends, one-touch access via your smart phone, smart voice control access through popular smart assistants, and a whole host of convenient app features to enhance both your security and peace of mind.

Security has never been smarter

Among the key security features of the Alfred Wi-Fi Smart Lock are integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, an included Wi-Fi bridge, and a smart PIN pad. These features make it easy to access your home whether you’re standing right on the doorstep or are half way around the world. The integrated Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to use your smart phone to access your lock from virtually anywhere, while the smart PIN pad means you can use your own special code to open the lock.

In fact, with the smart PIN pad you can store up to 20 unique codes for various friends and family members. You can create one-time/single use codes, codes that are time-sensitive, and even ongoing codes. This makes the Alfred Wi-Fi Smart Lock perfect for all manner of guests and visitors—everyone from delivery personnel to dog walkers. You can even issue PIN codes to short-term rental guests that you’ve never even met before.

Easy, one-touch access among its many control options

Thanks to the wire free power of Bluetooth connectivity, the Alfred Wi-Fi Smart Lock allows you to easily gain access to your home via a single touch of your smart lock’s screen. This one-touch access is easy to use, extremely convenient, and, perhaps most importantly, it eliminates the necessity of having to fumble around for your keys when your hands are full of bags and packages.

Additional control options include smart voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, meaning you can literally tell your Alfred lock when to lock or unlock verbally. The Alfred Wi-Fi Smart Lock is fully compatible with each of these easy voice control options, as well as the PIN pad entry option that works with special PIN access codes. 

With the Alfred Wi-Fi Smart Lock, you’ll always have a way in—while keeping intruders out! 

Alfred offers advanced security to protect your home under any circumstances

One of the most useful advanced security features of the Alfred Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the Alfred App’s ability to record the entry and exit history of your lock so you’ll always be able to track who has entered your home, and when.

But the Alfred Smart Lock isn’t just clever convenience, it’s also extremely tough. It features a hardened steel roller for enhanced strength and durability, and it is fully capable of dealing with even the harshest Canadian winters—and hottest summers. The Alfred Wi-Fi Smart Lock has been tested in the harsh Canadian climate and can withstand temperatures ranging from -35C to +66C. What else would you expect from a smart lock designed by a proudly Canadian company?

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