Wearing a face mask has become a part of everyday life, but not all face masks are created equal. AirPop reusable face masks offer you the best fit, filtration, and breathability. To ensure the face mask you choose for yourself and your family is comfortable, breathable, and can deliver unrivalled protection, look for an AirPop fitted face mask.

In business since 2015, AirPop is the world’s first Air Wearables company. They deliver reusable face masks that solve three critical issues people have with masking: fit, filtration, and breathability. AirPop has a revolutionary design to ensure a sealed, secure fit in spots other masks may gap, a 3D Air Dome to ensure airflow and help you breathe easily, and 4-layers of filtration material to protect your from up to 99% of pathogens in the air surrounding you.

AirPop masks have a fit for every face

With a reusable face mask, one of the most important features is the fit. If your mask doesn’t fit properly, it won’t be able to properly protect you from contaminants in the air. When you wear an AirPop face mask you’ll know your mask has been scientifically designed to protect you. AirPop’s Light SE face masks are designed with a patented Adaptive Silicon Nose Seal that prevents leakage or gaps, offering you a comfortable and secure fit while reducing fogging for anyone who wears glasses.

Ideal for work, commuting, and travel, AirPop has designed its masks based on a database of 3000+ digital face scans. Because the fitted face mask is crafted to align with the ergonomics of the human face, they give you the perfect blend of comfort and protection and are ideal for every situation including work, commuting, travel, and exercise. If you go to the gym, run, or cycle, AirPop face masks are the best choice thanks to their lightweight feel and ability to keep you comfortable during high-intensity breathability.

Better filtration, better protection

With an AirPop reusable face mask, you and your family have two-way protection from particles shared while breathing. AirPop fitted face masks can block up to 99.3% of airborne threats down to a diameter of one-millionth of a meter or 0.1 um. That means you can easily have a conversation with everyone you encounter and feel confident you’re protecting them as well as yourselves.

AirPop face masks have high-efficiency filtration that prevents anthropogenic, ecologic, and pathogenic airborn threats from reaching your breathing space. Everything from airborne viruses and bacteria to dust, allergens, and particulate pollution are filtered through the soft shell and multi-layered filter. The filters on the Original, Active, and Active+ masks are replaceable so you can maintain the highest level of protection without replacing your soft, comfortable mask.

The Active+ Halo Smart masks have smart features linking the Halo sensor to the Halo app delivering meaningful information about your breathing and about the air around you. The Halo Sensor is built into the lightest weight mask in the AirPop lineup, the Active+. The app records breathing rate, indicated by an inhale/exhale LED ring built into the mask, and displays and records air quality and more. You’ll have data about the cumulative pollution in your area right there in the app and be informed when to change the filter in your mask for continued protection.

Breathe easy everywhere you go

Not only do AirPop fitted face masks offer you the best breathing protection possible, but they are also extremely comfortable to wear. You can talk, laugh, and exercise with an AirPop face mask on thanks to the unique 3D dome design that’s formulated for ideal air circulation. Some face masks sit snug over your nose and mouth and make it hard to breathe, but AirPop reusable face masks create a canopy of clean air and balanced air circulation, so you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a mask.

AirPop offers protection for everyone, including children, and they are a sustainable choice over disposable face masks as you can wash them and keep wearing them. To keep your AirPop face mask in top shape you can clean it with 70% alcohol or hand wash, and for models with replaceable filters, you can switch out the AirPop filter after 40 hours of use.

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  1. One person in my family would benefit tremendously from these masks. The masks she is currently using do not fit her well and one needs to be repaired or replaced. I hope to win this prize so that she has a new set of masks to wear.

  2. There are four people in the family who could benefit from owning an AirPop mask. Mom is in her 70’s and has health problems. My brother & his room-mate both have compromised immune systems. For myself I have Non-asthmatic COPD and Sjogren’s. A cough ongoing 14 years now and could use a more filtering mask against all the smells/allergens and more that set off my coughing attacks

  3. Three people in my family would benefit from owning an AirPop mask, two with severe allergies and another with a desire to breath clean air.

  4. All 4 of us would benefit by knowing that our masks are actually filtering out contaminants.

  5. All three of us in our household would benefit from wearing these Air Pop masks. We all have bad allergies and all of us are at high risk for Covid 19.

  6. Three people in my family would benefit from the Air Pop masks as we all have allergies and all three of us are at high risk of Covid 19. We still wear our masks indoors and out even though Alberta has lifted its masking bylaws.

  7. Two people in my family could benefit from a mask upgrade. My wife works in a dental office, which is still dangerous due to covid, and my dad works at a factory and is also allergic to their household cat.

  8. There are 2 people in my family with allergies who could really benefit from this type of filter

  9. 4 people in my family would benefit from a face mask that lets you know when it is no longer working

  10. My family of three would be amazed to get the masks, to get safer ourselves and to ensure safety for our 4 yo son

  11. My wife and I are both retired, but are looking forward to getting out more now that we are fully vaccinated. These masks would make us feel safer as things open up a bit more.

  12. Everyone in my family. Three people would benefit from owning an AirPop mask because we all need to wear it to go outside.

  13. My wife and I would both benefit from such masks! Our line of work in mental health brings us close to patients and having such a mask would allow us to feel safer while still looking good hahaha!

    Thanks for the contest!

  14. My husband and I would both benefit from these masks because of allergies, We also both wear glasses and find the masks fog up our glasses maybe this would be better. The big winner is the environment and wildlife I am disgusted with the masks, gloves and wipes thrown on the ground, this should reduce the waste.

  15. 2 of us could benefit from using these masks….probably better environmentally than the disposables

  16. All my family members including myself that would be around 5 people would greatly benefit from owning an AirPop masks especially my mom who has allergies and I for one would need one since I work daily and tend to wear a mask for a long extended periods of time during work

  17. We have 2 people in our family right now and my husband would especially benefit from one of these masks as he has COPD. This is a great prize!!

  18. The AirPop would be an awesome help in breathing, I would love to have one as it is so difficult to breath in most of the masks that I have tried. Nice!

  19. One person in my family would love this!
    My dad would benefit the most because he is a janitor and he could even use one as a dust mask when there are no longer mask mandates. He is allowed to have music while he works but not head phones because he needs to be aware of his surroundings

  20. Four people in our family would benefit greatly from an AirPop mask because three of them have to work outside with the public every day!

  21. Four people in my family would find this AirPop mask quite useful for daily use or for travel on planes

  22. My mother and father would greatly benefit from these. They work at a university and had to go in person every couple weeks to demonstrate chemistry labs. I was especially nervous for my mother because she has COPD and was not vaccinated at the time. My sister and I will be going back to school in the fall and I am very nervous about the school and students following protocol. Winning the masks for the four of us would put me at ease.

  23. This would be fabulous for myself and my husband too. We both love to be outside and work in the garden, but alas allergies keep our time limited. This would mean more outside time. And also a sense of security when out shopping. I guess it is just a sign of the times. Stay well.

  24. Masks have been shown to decrease the spread of illness and will be useful even when we’re not in a pandemic.

  25. Would love to gift these to a beloved older family friend whose asthma sometimes keeps her close to bedridden. She’s really into health apps too and would appreciate this mask so much. Thanks for a great contest, and for offering more than one prize so that more people can benefit and get to know the product!

  26. there are 3 of us in my house. My boyfriend is a bus driver and my daughter works at a grocery store and I think they would breathe so much better with these!

  27. My husband and I could really use it, and so could both sets of our parents! None of us like the masks we have now.

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