It’s hard not to worry about our children’s future. While we can’t control many aspects of their education, there are some ways we can help prepare them to be successful. That’s where Best Buy Canada comes in. They want to lend a helping hand and they’re giving back to the community with the launch of an exciting new program both parents and kids will love: Geek Squad Academy Online Learning.

Geek Squad Academy Online Learning has launched four free, high-quality online educational resources. The four courses will be “Web Know-How,” “Bending Binary,” “Picture Perfect Mobile,” and “Game Development with Godot.” With these courses, Best Buy Canada will help kids continue to learn while schools are closed, and this is just the start of many more courses to come.

What is Geek Squad Academy?

Geek Squad Academy is Best Buy Canada’s educational program for students age ten to sixteen. They partner with various non-profit organizations to explore the wonder and opportunities technology holds, and this year they’re celebrating 5 successful years of sharing the newest and coolest tech with Canadian kids through workshops and day camps.

This important anniversary means even more now that kids have transitioned to online learning. While workshops and day camps have been suspended due to the current situation with COVID-19, Geek Squad Academy is going to continue with their mission of sharing their love of tech with kids by offering parents and educators some of the coolest online classes around.

Free tech courses for kids 10 to 16

Head to Geek Squad Academy Online Learning to find an up-to-date list of free courses offered. They have content tailored specifically to kids age 10 to 16, and together you’ll learn about HTML, binary, photography, or game development.

Here’s a quick summary of the free courses offered by Geek Squad Academy Online Learning.

Web Know-How

Kids spend hours of time visiting websites, but have they ever wondered how those websites are built? With Web Know-How they’ll learn about the hidden code behind their favourite sites. During the course they’ll see how HTML, tags, CSS, and other types of code all come together to create websites. They get to dive right into HTML coding and experiment by changing code to discover how one piece of code can change everything on a page.

Here is the overview of the course; check it out right now by visiting Geek Squad Academy Online Learning.

  • What HTML is and what HTML tags are
  • How HTML tags can affect elements on a webpage
  • How CSS and HEX codes can impact the design of an entire webpage

Bending Binary

If you can count to ten, you’re well on your way to understanding binary. Binary is a number system that provides a solid foundation for how computers, and even our own brains, function. It’s based on something called a “base-2 numbering system,” and your kids will learn how to convert numbers and letters into binary and hexadecimal to write a secret coded message.

With Bending Binary, experimentation is the name of the game. Your kids will be able to discover, change things, and make mistakes while they learn all about binary. Take a look at the overview and head over to Geek Squad Academy Online Learning to check it out.

  • What binary is and what it can be used for
  • How to convert a decimal number into binary
  • How to convert words and names into binary using ASCII
  • How to convert binary numbers into hexadecimal
  • How to write and decode your own secret message using binary and hexadecimal


Picture Perfect Mobile

A mobile device can take amazing photos, and Picture Perfect Mobile will show you and your kids how to get the most out of the camera feature on a smartphone or tablet. You’ll learn easy picture-taking techniques and all about photo exposure, composition, and editing. By the end of the course, you and your kids will be picture-taking pros.

Take a look at the Picture Perfect Mobile course overview and head over to Geek Squad Academy Online Learning to check it out.

  • The different elements of photo exposure: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
  • Various techniques to compose a great photo: The Rule of Thirds, Landscapes, and Portraits
  • How to use mobile editing software to enhance a photo: Brightness, Cropping, and Sharpening


Game Development with Godot

Have you heard of Godot? It’s a free, open-source game engine that lets users create video games from scratch. Once you and your kids learn the basic tools of Godot, the sky’s the limit to what you can create. You’ll understand how games are made and your learner will be able to create their own game. With Godot you can experiment, change things up, make mistakes, and have a ton of fun.

Take a look at the Game Development with Godot course overview and head over to Geek Squad Academy Online Learning to check it out now.

  • How to use the basic tools of Godot to build a video game
  • How to write some basic game code
  • How to create different objects that interact with each other
  • How to include constants in your code


Check out Geek Squad Academy Online Learning today

In this time of social distancing and online classrooms, Geek Squad Academy Online Learning is there to engage young minds, offer some online fun, and help set children up for the best possible future. Check out Geek Squad Academy Online Learning right now to learn more about our free online courses today.