Smart home technology is quickly spreading to every room of our homes. Even the garage! One of the most popular smart home garage technologies is the MyQ Smart Garage Hub. Learn all about how to set up and use the MyQ at select Best Buy locations during the months of June and July.

Best Buy provides educational resources and support for many smart home technologies

Given how new smart home technology is, many of us are at the beginning stages of our education on all things “smart” for the home. The Best Buy blog is a useful resource to turn to since we provide honest reviews of many of the most popular smart home devices. You can also consult with the Geek Squad agents in any Best Buy store. They are technology experts and will help you to understand which products will suit your particular needs.

If you are thinking about making your garage more secure, then the MyQ Smart Garage Hub demonstrations at select Best Buy stores may be exactly what you need.


Where and when can you find the MyQ in store demos

As I said earlier, these demos will be going on during the months of June and July. Here is a list of the stores and dates of the demos:

Store June July
[938] Sherway 7-Jun
[622] Winston Churchill 15-Jun
[970] Pointe Claire 7-Jun
[967] LaSalle 8-Jun
[955] Regina 7-Jun
[944] Windsor 7-Jun
[973] Kingsway 7-Jun
[631] Guelph 7-Jun
[968] Laval 7-Jun
[962] Marche Central 8-Jun
[978] Rosemere 14-Jun
[985] Aurora 7-Jun
[956] Richmond Hill 22-Jun
[937] Markham 5-Jul
[949] Newmarket 26-Jul
[931] Leaside 5-Jul
[613] Oshawa 13-Jul
[961] Surrey 7-Jun
[033] Downtown Edmonton 7-Jun
[976] Northlands 21-Jun
[032] Pembina 7-Jun
[928] Ottawa West 7-Jun
[975] Kanata 5-Jul
[954] Brampton 14-Jun
[927] Downsview 5-Jul
[741] Shawnessy 15-Jun
[902] Westhills Calgary 7-Jun


Learn about smart home technology on the Best Buy blog

Best Buy provides a variety of educational resources, and one that you can turn to time and again is the Best Buy blog. On the blog, we produce many different kinds of articles to help educate Canadians about products carried at Best Buy. One type of article is a review: we send products to writers across Canada asking them to show our readers how to install and/or use the technology, and to give their honest opinion about the technology they are testing. For example, a couple months ago, Matt Paligaru tested the MyQ Smart Garage Hub, and created this article (click this link) and this video:

Another type of article we do is a contest article where the method of entry is to tell us something about the prize. For example, we recently gave away 5 MyQ Smart Garage Hubs in a contest where people were asked to explain what is more important: the security features or the convenience features of this device. Reading that article, and the more than a thousand comments from people all across the country will also help you understand whether or not this device is something you want in your home.

Lastly, if you look on the blog and didn’t find the answers you were looking for, leave a comment on any article and make a request. We’re always open to suggestions so that we can provide the information you need.


You can easily order the MyQ Smart Garage Hub online at Best Buy!

Martin Renaud
Editor in Chief
Martin loves working with the talented editors and writers on the Best Buy Blog as Editor-in-Chief. During his spare time he is either working on his next novel, cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, or adding some smart tech to his new home on Mayne Island in British Columbia.


    • Imagine pairing that with an Arlo camera: you could see and talk to delivery people, ask them to place packages in the garage that you open and close with the MyQ, all using your phone.

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