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More and more older adults are being pointed to using digital services for their needs, to connect digitally, to receive information digitally, and to keep safe digitally. Why not invest in solutions that can help make their lives easier? Best Buy Health has partnered with trusted vendors to offer curated bundles, ensuring an easy shopping experience.

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Philips Hue In Better Light Bundle – Starter Kit

Smart lighting is perfect for everyone because they combine safety, health benefits, convenience, and fun. The Philips Hue in Better Light Bundle combines the lights and sensors, making it a complete solution well suited for older individuals living in their own homes.

Safety: Tech makes life better at any age, but smart lighting, like that provided by the Philips Hue Bundle, can make any home safer. Easily customizable for any home layout, smart lights combined with motion detectors can be set to provide low level lighting during the night as needed, reducing risk of walking or tripping over objects. An added benefit is the security provided by automated lights that turn on even when away for the holidays, simulating the presence of the homeowner. This feature can reduce stress and worry during the holidays!

Health Benefits: Winter days are short and nights are long … the opposite is true in the summer. However, our bodies are healthiest and less stressed with a steady schedule. Smart lights can help our bodies adjust to changing seasons with “wake up” and “wind down” routines. Also, many studies have provided evidence that light at the appropriate times can help reduce feelings of isolation and depression for all of us. You can also adjust the timing and brightness levels of the lights for personalized benefits year-round.

Philips Hue app - Smart lights

Convenience: Smart technology offers a level of control over devices that we don’t get any other way. Philips Hue Bundle offers a level of control few people have in their home. For example, you can choose to adjust their lights from literally anywhere in the world. For example, if someone is visiting a friend, they can turn on or off their home lights just using their phone. While at home, they can use a traditional switch if they prefer. 

Fun: Smart lights are fun to use. Unlike traditional lights, Philips Hue lights can easily be set to different colours and shades to match a mood or create an atmosphere. Reduce the intensity during a movie, or set the colour to lavender for a peaceful dinner with friends. It’s just as easy to change the colour as it is to turn it on!

What do you get with the Philips Hue Smart Light Bundle 

The bundle comes with these great Philips Hue products:

  1. Philips Hue Colour Starter Kit – 4 Pack
  2. Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus V4 2m (6.6 ft.) Smart LED Light Strip
  3. Philips Hue Indoor Motion Sensor – White
  4. Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch

Replace regular light bulbs with those provided in the starter kit to turn any lamp or lighting fixture into a smart, connected smart light. Install light strip along stairs or under the bed for subtle lighting along a high traffic area of the home, or an area that gets more traffic late at night.

Geek Squad installation and setup tutorials are available at Best Buy

One of the standout features of this smart lights bundle is its user-friendliness, making it ideal not only for the tech-savvy but also for those who might not be as familiar with modern tech, such as older adults. To enhance the experience, you can purchase the Geek Squad smart home services, now offered separately as an add-on. By opting for this service, Geek Squad agents will visit your or your loved one’s home to install the lights in the desired locations, connect all components to the home network, and set up the control app on a mobile device. They will also provide detailed tutorials on the various ways to manage the smart lights, ensuring ease and comfort in their use.

Best Buy also has helpful step by step instructions that you and your loved one can enjoy at any time. The Best Buy Digital Citizen website is filled with great information for lifelong learning to help everyone get more from technology. Learn how to stay safe online, how to access and use various apps, and a lot more. Visit the Best Buy Digital Citizen website and enter the topic that interests you in the search bar at the top. You’ll be amazed at how simple learning can be.

Personalizing home lighting for safer and more convenient living just makes sense. That’s why the Philips Hue in Better Light Bundle is perfect for older adults. Explore the range of Best Buy Healthy Homes solutions for more details.

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