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A firm believer in "you have to get old, but you don't have to grow up," I've been an unabashed lover of nerdy things for a good long while and don't plan to stop anytime soon. With experience on both sides of the video game, both as a consumer and a producer, and a love of the written word, I've managed to combine all three right here with the Plug-in blog

Picture your perfect hockey playoff watching experience

There’s nothing like a good playoff run. Gatherings with friends, nights out at the pub, or maybe a couple tickets and a chance to see a live game, there are many different ways to have a great time. It’s getting to be that time of year again. Today I’m using a little imagination to envision my perfect playoff experience. Let’s get ready for the puck to drop!

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – ‘Bazillions’ of hours of content

With two included games, the newest franchise to receive a high definition port to the new consoles is bringing a great deal of content onto the PS4 and Xbox One. A first-person shooter with a roster of class based characters with lot of personality.  Not to mention a world (and moon) filled with monsters, mutants, and degenerate freaks, and a ‘bazillion’ guns to use against them, Borderlands is in a class all its own. A whole lot of gaming in one place, let’s take a peek at Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

Battlefield Hardline – Cops vs robbers and up to 64 person multiplayer

Taking the fight from the more familiar military field of battle and throwing it into the crime riddled streets, the newest edition to the Battlefield franchise pits the criminals against the police. With a self contained campaign, and a big multiplayer suite, Battlefield Hardline is like a selection of the best crime drama scenarios, but now on your game console as a first-person shooter. Time for some cops and robbers folks!

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Co-op Survival Horror with a TV twist!

With Resident Evil Revelations 2, join two teams of cast members in a co-op adventure against an evil island’s worth of mutated zombie freaks. Packaged with Raid mode, put aside the four part campaign and face off against waves of mutants for a spree of unlockables and level ups. Get those neck hairs ready folks, they’ll be standing up before long, thanks to Capcom’s unique brand of survival horror.

DMC: Definitive Edition – Hack and slash, action-adventure on the PS4 and Xbox One

Part Demon, part angel, all hardcore monster slayer! Dante is back again, in the new Definitive Edition of series Reboot DMC: Devil May Cry. DMC: Definitive Edition brings this hack and slash, action adventure to the PS4 and the Xbox One.

Traxxas batteries 101: keep your toys powered and ready for fun

The world of RC vehicles is a very fun place to be.  Powerful scale model versions of your favorite real world racers, fully equipped to handle serious terrain, they’re a lot of fun. That is, they’re a lot of fun when they’re full of power and ready to go, without the fully charged powercells, well, they’re just an exceptionally well designed, aggressive looking model car. Taking the confusion out of keeping your Traxxas vehicles full of juice and ready to go is the new Traxxas iD system. Streamlined and full proof, with their new power cells (batteries) and EZ-Peak Plus Charger, they’ve taken the challenge out of charging.

The Traxxas Slash racer is ready to race and a ton of fun

Packed with all the power and durability of a Traxxas brand RC vehicle, the Slash is an Off-Road Short-Course Stadium Truck that comes in a variety of configurations and really likes to fly. Whether around corners with insane drifting, or when actually flying. Launching off anything resembling a ramp, the independent suspension makes sure it lands like a dream and keeps going. Now with on-board audio, the Slash sounds every bit as tough as it looks, with real throttle and idle sounds that will make even the biggest kid grin from ear to ear. Let’s go for a rip!

Traxxas SST Latrax brings big fun in a small fast package

You might be surprised how much they can pack into an RC vehicle these days, especially when you’re dealing with a Traxxas Latrax. The SST is a 1/18th scale model 4 x 4, all terrain beast of a truck. With independent suspension and a sturdy construction, all terrain means water resistant and tough.  You might be surprised where you can go, and how fast you can get there.  Priced for the everyday sort of RC fan, it might just be your gateway into a wider world of RC enthusiasm. 

The Order: 1886 – Steampunk Weapons, Werewolves, and the Dark Streets of London

A game that captrued imaginations when it was announced at E3 2013, The Order: 1886 is a Victorian era romp with a few twists.  Stunning to look at, the dark streets of London hold more than a few terrors, one of them being beastial half breeds lurking in the night.  Fighting these monsters are the Knights of the Round, aided by the early onset of the Industrial Revolution, and that means it’s epic guns vs. werewolves, and if that doesnt get you excited, you might want to check your pulse.

Evolve is Monster Hunting in an Alien Landscape

A little taste of something old and something new, the squad based co-op doesn’t see a ton of releases, and nothing quite like this short of Monster Hunter itself.  Armed to the teeth with sci-fi tools and weapons, take a team of four and face the biggest darn monster this side of Godzilla.  Asymmetrical, first-person shooting, if you don’t fancy being the humans, be the monster instead.  Hunt and be hunted, with Evolve.