Roborock Sweep and mop robot vacuum
When the Roborock Sweep and Mop robot vacuum landed at my front door, it had already been a year since I last reviewed a robot vacuum. Although I’ve actually been in the market for a new vacuum cleaner and I love the idea of hands-free cleaning, I honestly didn’t think one could handle my house. Considering I’ve got two dogs, three cats, and four kids, I thought I’d be emptying full dust canisters and having to dislodge socks and cables every 5 minutes.

Imagine how surprised I was when the Roborock Sweep and Mop robot vacuum swept into my house, cleaned up every one of my carpets every day without any effort on my part, and even mopped my floors. Not only that, but it’s smart enough to navigate and map out the entire house, know where it is at all times, and head back home to its dock when it needs a battery boost.

I honestly believe if the Roborock Sweep and Mop robot vacuum can keep my floors clean, it can work in any home. Here’s my look at the Roborock, how it works, and what sets it apart from other robot vacuums.

Appearance and features of the Roborock Sweep and Mop robot vacuum 

Roborock robot vacuum review

The Roborock Sweep and Mop robot vacuum is a lightweight, round robot with easy-to-remove parts. Everything on this vacuum pops off easily so you never have to worry about struggling to remove the brush or dust bin.
It’s a smart robot vacuum cleaner, so it works via the Mi Home app. Once you add it to the app you can turn it on and off, switch up how intense the suction is, or send it off somewhere in your home for a specific zone clean with just a few taps on your phone.
The Roborock Sweep and Mop robot vacuum also features:
  • Smart navigation with high-precision LDS laser range sensor that maps out your entire house and displays it on your phone
  • Your Roborock Sweep and mop robot vacuum talks to you to let you know when it is cleaning, when it has an error code, or when it needs to recharge
  • Easily navigates over obstacles up to 2 cm, so it gets stuck a lot less than other robot vacuums
  • Sweeps and mops using the included mop cloth and water reservoir that easily snaps onto the bottom of the vacuum
  • Large dust bin to hold more debris while cleaning
  • 2000Pa super suction that will pick up almost anything on any type of floor
  • Ultra-high 5200mAh battery capacity that will run for over 2 hours of continuous cleaning before recharging
  • Automatic docking and recharging, so your vacuum will know when to go home for a battery boost

Testing the Roborock Sweep and Mop robot vacuum

Roborock sensor and brush

Let me start by saying that I gave my Roborock robot vacuum a nickname. I think it’s fun to name your robots, so I called her Rosie.

Given how messy my house is, Rosie was a champ. With multiple pets and a yard that’s made up mostly of grass, dirt, and rock (with no cement driveway either), there is a lot of stuff tracked inside the house.

I like to vacuum every day but I don’t always have time. The problem with not having time is that I really notice the dust and debris on the floor after not cleaning for even a single day.

When I first set up the Roborock Sweep and mop robot vacuum I wasn’t sure it could handle my floors. I have mostly hardwood with different types of area rugs including short pile, long pile, and jute, so after charging it for about an hour I sent it off with high hopes.

I hung out watching it the first time it cruised through my house, and it worked for a long time. It cleaned for an hour and 10 minutes before it decided it was complete and headed back to the dock. After charging for another hour it headed back out again, and as it worked it mapped out my home.

Everything the vacuum does is recorded on the Mi Home app. It’s a little hard to decipher at first, but the more it cleans the easier it becomes to see your home and the path your vacuum cleaner tracks.

There are a few key features on this robot vacuum that I feel really make a difference when it cleans.

Large dust bin

roborock dust bin

The purpose of a robot vacuum is to clean hands free. If you have a robot vacuum that keeps cleaning thanks to extra long battery life, which this robot vacuum does, but the dust bin can’t hold all of the pet hair, dirt, and other debris it sucks up? That battery life won’t really matter.

That’s why the dust bin on this vacuum cleaner is so important. It’s quite a bit larger than other robot vacuums I’ve tried, and it holds a lot. Much to my amazement the Roborock Sweep and Mop robot vacuum cleaned my floors for an hour before it asked me to clean out the dust bin and filter. Once I did, it headed back off again.

Cruises over obstacles up to 2 cm high

Roborock rugged wheels

A robot vacuum cleaner has to know how to how to navigate around obstacles. It defeats the purpose of being hands free if it constantly bumps into your furniture or gets stopped by an obstacle in its path.

The Roborock Sweep and mop robot vacuum has a very sensitive LDS sensor to navigate around objects, but it also can cruise over objects up to 2cm high. It has large, rugged wheels, and it cruised right over a book on the floor and kept cleaning. Cords and cables on the floor didn’t trip it up, although it did get a yo-yo string stuck in its brush.

The Roborock is also smart enough to stay away from the stairs, so you don’t have to worry about it falling down.

Scheduled zone cleaning

It takes a few cleans but once the Roborock maps out your home, you’ll be able to easily see the layout of your house and where the cleaner goes. That’s when you can drag your finger along your phone screen to schedule a zone cleaning. You can move the zone box around and your Roborock will head straight there and clean up.

This is an amazing feature. I was standing in my kitchen after spilling a bunch of flour on the floor, and instead of getting the broom I just tapped the map and my robot headed right over and cleaned it until it was gone.

Super suction cleans everything

Roborock dust bin

If open it up and pop the dust bin off the Roborock, you’ll see just how wide the ‘mouth’ to the dust bin is. Because it’s so wide, this robot vacuum can clean up everything in its path. My vacuum sucked up a pile of cheerios, Lego, peas, various coins, and even a guitar pick. It kept going too, so larger objects do not stop the Roborock from cleaning.

Piles of pet hair don’t stop it either. I had no idea just how much my dog was shedding until I emptied the dust filter on this robot vacuum. There were clumps in there, and I even emptied it before it indicated that the dust bin was full.

And it mops too…

Roborock review

If it just cleaned my carpets I would be completely sold on the Roborock Sweep and mop robot vacuum, but this robot vacuum does more. Once you attach a wet cloth and the water reservoir, you can mop your floors.

The easiest way to mop your floors is to use the zone cleaning feature. You just wet one of two included cloths, add the water reservoir to the undercarriage, and it heads off to clean. It cleans in small, tight lines too, so it really does make an effort to not miss a thing.

With larger stains it took a few swipes to clean them up, and there was one spill that it didn’t manage to remove before it felt that the clean was complete. Overall though, I think it did a great job, and if you have a large floor it’s easy to wring out the cloth and put it back on or add water mid-clean.

Full app control

Roborock mapping feature Mi Home app Roborock vacuum Roborock app roborock cleaning schedule

I love smart appliances, and the Roborock Sweep and Mop robot vacuum is one of the smartest I’ve tried. Everything you want to do with this vacuum can be accessed via the app. You can turn it on and off, send it back to the dock, see any error messages, and tap for a scheduled zone clean. You can also change the suction so it will use stronger suction on your carpets instead of floors, and change the language of your robot’s voice.

Overall thoughts on the Roborock Sweep and Mop robot vacuum

Roborock docking station

I really love this robot vacuum. The only issues I had with it was when you put the water reservoir and wet cloth on the vacuum. It will still glide over your area rugs with the cloth and water. Although it’s not damp enough to affect them, you might not want even slightly damp rugs. You can avoid that type of carpet cleaning by using the schedule zone cleaning for your floors.

It would be great to have virtual ‘walls’ as an accessory for this robot vacuum. Although it won’t head down your stairs or over large furniture, it would be great to be able to restrict it from heading into an open area. I have a hallway I didn’t want it to clean because of all of the stuff I’d have to pick up first, so I had to stand there until it decided I was a wall and turn around.

The Roborock Sweep and mop robot vacuum cleans floors so well, I am now a firm believer in robot vacuums for any home. It’s just so nice to walk into a room with clean carpets. Everything feels cleaner, and having that same feeling every day without making any effort is pretty amazing.

You can find the Roborock Sweep and mop robot vacuum on Best Buy right now.


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