ASHEN Stick Vacuum V18 and V16 reviewWhen you have kids, pets, or a combination of both, having a vacuum cleaner with strong suction is a must. You need something to pull dirt and debris out of your carpet, pick up piles of cereal on your floor, and get fine dust out of corners where it accumulates. In my opinion, I think the best vacuum for a busy house is a cordless stick vacuum. It also helps if that cordless stick vacuum is budget-friendly.

If you’re looking for a new vacuum with those parameters in mind, I just tested two JASHEN cordless stick vacuums I think you’ll like. The JASHEN V16 is a 350W stick vacuum with a HEPA filter and 40 minutes of run time. The JASHEN V18 is also a 350W stick vacuum, has 40 minutes of run time and a HEPA filter, but it also has a smart mode with an automatic suction feature that adjusts suction to whatever it’s cleaning.

Appearance and features of JASHEN cordless stick vacuums

The JASHEN V16 cordless stick vacuum is purple, red, and grey with silver accents. It weighs 2.6 kg. The JASHEN V18 cordless stick vacuum is blue and grey with silver accents. It weighs 2.5 kg. Both of these cordless stick vacuums have the following features.

  • 350W Brushless vacuum motor provides strong suction
  • 7-cell, 2500mAh lithium battery pack for loss-free cleaning performance for up to 40 mins
  • Powerhead has LED light built-in
  • Easy to switch out brush-roller for carpets and a soft-roller for hardwood, laminate, and tile floors
  • HEPA filter built-in and 4 stage fully-sealed filtration captures 99.99% of dust normally expelled while cleaning
  • LED display shows battery status, cleaning mode, and a clean HEPA alert
  • Dust bin pulls apart for easy cleaning
  • Attachments include a mini-powerhead to clean stairs, cars, and furniture, as well as crevice tools and a wall mount to charge and store your vacuum cleaner

Testing JASHEN cordless stick vacuums


If you were to pick up both JASHEN vacuums at the same time the first thing you’ll notice is that they are both very lightweight. The battery is small and doesn’t weigh down the body of the vacuum cleaner. The components are also extremely light, so you won’t have a hard time lifting it if you’re cleaning dust strings off your ceiling.

The other thing you’ll notice is how intense the suction is. I was very impressed with how both JASHEN cordless stick vacuums performed on my carpets and floors. They managed to pick up a ton of fine dust and dirt, and you can see the evidence in the dust bin when you empty it.

On/Off Switch on the JASHEN V16 and V18

Jashen stick vacuum on off switch

There is a power button you tap to turn the JASHEN V16 and JASHEN V18 off and on. It’s on the front of the vacuum cleaner. While it’s easy to tap it to turn the vacuum on, it took a bit to get used to the placement. You’ll also tap the button to cycle through the power modes, although with the JASHEN V18 you won’t need to tap it if you’re in automatic mode. The power will adjust itself depending on what the vacuum senses it’s cleaning.

Power Modes

Jashen battery indicator stick vacuum

The JASHEN V16 cordless stick vacuum has three power modes you can switch through when cleaning your home. To switch power modes you’ll tap the on/off switch, and the vacuum will dial up or down the power as needed. I spent most of my time cleaning with the JASHEN V16 while in medium mode, and it was more than enough power to pick up dirt off the floor. When cleaning carpets I switched to high, and while it drained the battery quite a bit faster, it did a great job on my carpets.

The JASHEN V18 cordless stick vacuum has three power modes as well, but it has an automatic mode that will detect what you’re cleaning and dial the power up when needed. It’s similar to the Boost mode you may have seen on other stick vacuums, and it works really well. I was cleaning a very dirty hallway carpet and along the baseboards of the wall in my hallway, and the vacuum turned up the power right when I needed it.

LED display

Jashen V16 stick vacuum review

There is an LED display on both the JASHEN V16 and JASHEN V18, but what is displayed on the screen differs between the two. The JASHEN V16 shows the power modes, battery life, and displays an icon when it’s time to clean the filter. The JASHEN V18 displays battery life, power mode, suction, and the filter clean reminder.

While it’s not a tap screen, the LED display is very useful when cleaning. You won’t run out of battery because you’ll know it’s time to plug in and recharge, and it helps to know when the filter needs cleaning as that keeps your vacuum in peak condition.

Battery life on JASHEN cordless stick vacuum cleaners

Jashen V16 stick vacuum dust bin

The JASHEN V16 and V18 run on a 7-cell, 2500mAh top lithium battery pack. It’s really easy to pop the battery pack off and on if you need to, but the entire unit will charge with the battery engaged so you don’t have to take it off.

Both cordless vacuums should run for around 40 minutes after a full charge. I logged 32 minutes using the JASHEN V18 and 38 minutes using the JASHEN V16. I did stop mid-clean a few times so it wasn’t consecutive use, and the charges held when the vacuums were not in use.

The JASHEN V18 most likely ran out of battery power faster as it will automatically switch into max mode when you need power. I would rarely vacuum for more than 20 minutes at a time so this was more than enough battery life for me, and when you are finished cleaning you can hang your vacuum on the included mount and charge it right on the wall.

Clean your car with mini-powerhead

JASHEN V18 mini powerhead small

I love how stick vacuums take the place of a handheld vacuum cleaner when you need one, and the mini-powerhead included with the JASHEN V16 and JASHEN V18 will be a lifesaver when cleaning your car. I popped the mini-powerhead on both of the JASHEN cordless stick vacuums and cleaned the carpets and seats in my SUV. They worked great, and I was able to use the other included tools to remove dust from the dash and get into the tiny areas where dirt tends to pile up.

Should you choose a JASHEN cordless stick vacuum?

Jashen Stick Vacuums

JASHEN cordless stick vacuums are a great example of why vacuums don’t have to cost a fortune to be effective. Both the JASHEN V16 and JASHEN V18 have enough power and battery life to quickly clean floors and carpets in your home, and they are both light enough to take care of dusty drapes or dust strings above windows and doors.

I love using the mini-powerhead to clean cars and furniture, and the LED screen makes it easy to see how much battery life you have left or which power mode you’re in. The suction is strong too, and I had no problem cleaning corners and picking up a ton of dirt in my mudroom.

If I had to choose between the two JASHEN cordless stick vacuums I’d go with the JASHEN V18 for automatic mode. I like not having to stop to switch modes when I need a bit more power. Otherwise, both vacuums are very similar and they both work very well on all types of floor.

You can find the JASHEN V16 cordless stick vacuum and JASHEN V18 cordless stick vacuum on Best Buy right now.

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