Wedding bells are ringing all across the country. This means you’ll soon be looking for the perfect outfit and the perfect gift to celebrate with the happy couple. Best Buy may have exactly what you are looking for. Small appliances often fit the bill in this case but there are a huge range of options to consider that we’ll investigate in this buying guide.

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      1. What is the perfect wedding gift?
      2. The hottest small appliances for wedding gifts
      3. Cookware they’ll actually use
      4. Home entertainment and lifestyle gifts

Philips XXL air fryer lifestyle

What is the perfect wedding gift?

Every newlywed couple has different needs as they embark on a life together. Some are just setting up a home and may need appliances, pots and pans, dishes, bedding, and more. These are the easiest people to buy for and Best Buy has a ton of gift ideas that will be perfect as a wedding gift. However, there are some people who may have very specific needs, like a new home theatre perhaps. In this situation, you could buy a new projector (perfect for a small apartment and versatile) or even a television. They may need a new computer, which could be beyond your budget. In this situation, you can easily give them a Best Buy gift card. That is the most versatile gift: you know it will help them purchase the right tech for their future needs.

The hottest small appliances for wedding gifts

As stated above, a small appliance can be a great idea for a wedding gift. They have come a long way since the standard two-slice toaster and the basic microwave. Whether the couple loves to cook or doesn’t really have a passion for it and needs to get quick meals done in a jiffy, there are small appliances that make sense.

Air fryers

One of the most popular new categories of small appliances of the last decade are air fryers. Everyone either has one or wants one. If you know the couple hasn’t yet jumped aboard, consider getting them one. It’s perfect for reheating meals, cooking frozen foods, and experimenting with a healthier way to make old favourites. From homemade French fries to pub fares for game night, like chicken wings, pizza, and spring rolls, an air fryer will come in handy. Because they use little to no oil, you’ll get a healthier version of the same foods you’d typically deep fry. And for frozen foods, or even your own homemade fried chicken, you’ll be able to get it done more quickly and with less effort than in the oven or stovetop.

Instant pot or other multicookers

Tips and tricks Instant Pot

Multicookers are all the rage as well, and one of the most popular is the Instant Pot. It’s perfect for busy working couples who might not have a lot of time or experience cooking. There are plenty of easy “dump and go” meals they can make in this wondrous small appliance, from mac and cheese to pulled pork, chilli, and more. The great thing about the Instant Pot is that even expert home cooks will enjoy experimenting with one, while those who aren’t familiar with it will get more adventurous as they learn. Food is cooked in a fraction of the time and the “set and forget” nature means you can pressure cook a dish and it will keep warm until you’re ready to eat. For couples who do a lot of entertaining, or plan to in their wedded home, it’s also great for side dishes.

Coffee and espresso machines

Breville coffee machine with accessories.

They might already own a coffee machine but help them up their java game with a higher-end machine that can make espresso, froth milk, and more for delicious morning brews before work or to enjoy quiet Sunday mornings together. There are smaller machines suitable for a couple living on their own or consider one with a carafe or larger reservoir if they already have kids in the mix who might enjoy making hot chocolate or other heated drinks. If they tend to entertain a lot, a larger machine with more options might be better suited as well.

Soda and sparkling water makers


One of those appliances that might be on the radar as a nice-to-have but not something they would ever buy for themselves is a sparkling water machine, which makes it easy to concoct delicious carbonated drinks from home without all of the packaging and recyclables (or added sugar) from store-bought options. Using a CO2 canister and regular filtered water, one quick push of a button will add carbonation. Then, add fresh fruits, syrups, or any other flavouring to infuse as desired. It’s not only great for those who love fizzy water, but it can add a new level to parties when they serve carbonated alcoholic beverages.

Sous vide machineSous vide machines

Help them plan out some exciting new dinner options with sous vide machine that adds an element of French flare to cooking everything from meat to poultry and fish. Using a vacuum seal and the included digital display, they can create a fancy Saturday night date night dinner for two to perfection, ensuring the meat isn’t overcooked and poultry is juicy and delicious.

Retro appliances to delight

Popcorn maker retro

While we’re all about modern technology these days, ironically from a design perspective, there’s also a trend toward retro appliances. From vinyl to Midcentury Modern furniture, the throwback look is in fashion. And this can apply to appliances as well. A few examples include a nostalgic popcorn maker which is one of those small appliances they probably never thought they needed but would love once they have. For a twist on traditional, go with a retro toaster or kettle. You’ll find a wide range of appliances that give the newlywed’s kitchen a bit of nostalgic flair.

Cookware they’ll actually use

Cookware is one of those things where you really don’t want to step on anyone’s toes and buy something that isn’t specifically what they picked out and put on a registry if they have one. Couples and families might be particular about the brand, finish type, or even colour. Plus, you need to consider whether they have an electric, gas, or induction cooktop. However, there are some traditional cookware wedding gifts that will be appreciated by many newly married couples: example, pan sets, cutlery, and knife sets. There are also many special cookware items if you want to get something more personal. Here are a couple examples:

Cast iron panCast iron pan

Everyone could use an amazing cast iron pan. It will come in handy for everything from frying eggs in the morning to searing steaks for a romantic dinner at night. Go all out and get them an expensive, well-reviewed one so it will become the star and signature piece of cookware in the kitchen.

Dutch oven

Hamilton Beach Dutch oven set

A gorgeous Dutch oven is the type of cookware they’ll want to keep on display on a shelf in the kitchen instead of hiden in the cupboards. Ideal for simmering sauces, chilli, and soup, or for braising meat and poultry, it’s the perfect addition to the kitchen cookware.

Home entertainment and lifestyle gifts

Wedding gifts aren’t just about appliances and cookware. Get creative with your gift ideas to get the happy couple something fun and unique that they can enjoy together.

Gifts for posterity

Canon point & shoot cameraCamera

A camera is a perfect gift for newlyweds, who will love having it in time to take on their Honeymoon and capture precious memories with something other than their smartphones.

Focus on something small and compact, like a point and shoot camera or a compact mirrorless camera that they can get the hang of using quickly, then focus on learning more about it once they get back home. If you know they are headed somewhere tropical, consider a waterproof rugged camera, or if the couple loves adventure, opt for a wearable or action camera. For more ideas on camera gifts, check out our ultimate wedding photography kit guide.

Digital photo frame

Aluratek digital photo frame

In this day and age, most of our photos are kept in digital albums, on mobile devices, or on the computer. This doesn’t really leave a great way to display the best shots for others to see. A digital photo frame solves this issue, and it’s the perfect gift for a happy new couple who can upload the photos they just took from their Honeymoon as well as wedding photos to instantly display for guests who visit the matrimonial home or to relive the beautiful event.

If you want to go the extra mile, unbox the frame, and load it up with tons of photos of memories of the happy couple with their friends and family to make it a personal and thoughtful gift. These Wi-Fi-enabled frames typically make it easy to upload photos in Luggage setbatches using a mobile app or even a dedicated e-mail address, which means you can commission other family and friends to upload images to the frame remotely before you wrap it up, and even after.

Luggage set

Encourage the happy couple to go out and explore the world with a new luggage set that has multiple pieces so they can pack for any vacation or trip, whether it’s 14 days in Europe or a couple days down to the Big Apple. If they haven’t yet packed for a delayed Honeymoon, it might come in handy for that first trip together after becoming an official married couple.

Gifts for fitness

Electric bikes

GoTrax electric bike

Is this a fit and sports-friendly couple? If so, you can surprise them by wheeling in a pair of electric bikes with neat bows tied to the handlebars as a welcome surprise. While they might not be able to ride away into the sunset with bells tied on the back, they will be able to enjoy them once they settle into their home. Electric bikes add a boost of power to a standard bicycle design to help the rider scale hills or travel from one point to another much more quickly and using less effort. If they love to ride the trails together, this will help them tackle even longer distances while still pedalling and getting a good workout. Check out our comprehensive electric bike buying guide to help you decide.

Matching smartwatches

Garmin Venu 2S 40.4mm Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor & Health Tracking - Light Sand

If the couple is into fitness, you might also want to consider getting a pair of matching smartwatches so they can motivate one another, whether it’s during morning runs, trips to the gym, or working out at home. You can get the same smartwatch for each person with different coloured bands or grab a different one from the same brand that suits each person’s personal tastes. This way, they can communicate in the partner app, whether it’s Fitbit or Garmin, for example, create challenges, and log progress towards reaching their goals.

Gifts for fun and decor

Smart speakers and other smart home devices

smart display and smart speaker buying guide

Help get them started on a smart home with a smart speaker or smart display they can set up for music playback, voice replies to queries, and voice control of other smart devices in the home. Go the extra mile and get them started with a compatible set of smart lights so they can swap out a few bulbs at home, test things out, and then expand the system as desired.

Video game console

Nintendo Switch

It might sound like an unlikely wedding gift, but for a couple that loves gaming, a video game console might be the perfect gift that makes you the coolest guest on the invite list. If they already have one of the big three, consider grabbing another option so they can choose between the two, like the Nintendo Switch for playing on the go as well as at home. For a gift that bucks tradition, this one is sure to please.

Crystalite vaseHome décor

When you’re all out of ideas, you can’t go wrong with home décor items that can spruce up the home. Something they can put on display that won’t clash with their overall design theme will be appreciated, so you want something simple and that can be placed anywhere. A nice option, for example, is an aromatherapy device or diffuser that can expel scented and calming essential oils throughout a room. Or, you can consider home decorations & accents like a scented candle in an embossed glass jar, a gorgeous and elegant vase, or useful items for the home bar.

Whether you want to stick with a traditional small appliance wedding gift, get the couple something they can use on their Honeymoon, or opt for a lovely lifestyle gift for the home, there are plenty of wedding gift options worth considering for a new couple. From typical to unusual, low- and high-tech, they run the gamut.

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