hot beverage barHot drinks and cold weather go hand in hand. If you’re a huge fan of hot chocolate, eggnog lattes, or a nice warm Bailey’s and steamed milk, this is the holiday where you have to set up a hot beverage bar.

A hot beverage bar isn’t just about coffee, although coffee is a big part of it. You can set yourself up to make all kinds of hot beverages for cold mornings, holiday parties, or having friends over. The best part? It’s not just for the holidays. You can keep your hot beverage bar set up and serving all winter.

Here’s a few must-haves for a hot beverage bar.

Create a coffee hutch

kitchen hutch

Coffee makers are important small appliances, and the trend over the past few years is to find a coffee hutch you can use to place your coffee makers, mugs, and supplies. If you have a coffee hutch already, this is the perfect place for your hot beverage bar. If you don’t, now is a great time to choose a kitchen hutch.

You can use a large kitchen hutch like this shaker style kitchen hutch. It has great storage and space for your coffee makers and other small appliances. You can also choose a cabinet style hutch and build open shelves on top of it.

Add an espresso machine to your hot beverage bar

espresso machineDrip coffee makers or single serve brewers are a great addition to a hot beverage bar, but to really enjoy all types of hot beverages you’ll need an espresso machine.

It’s a great time to pick one up too. The latest espresso machines are available in manual to super automatic styles, and you can tweak your espresso shots or have the perfect shot at the touch of a button. They also have steam wands built in, so you can froth milk easily.

Once you have your espresso you can mix it with liqueur or just make a nice cup of steamed milk and add some chocolate.

Make memories with a hot cocoa maker

Nostalgia hot chocolateWhether you call it hot chocolate or hot cocoa, drinking it always reminds me of my childhood. It would be freezing outside and we’d build forts in the snow for hours, then head inside for our favourite hot drink.

You can bring back those hot chocolate memories when you add the Nostalgia hot cocoa maker to your hot beverage bar. It’s got a great vintage style, and it makes custom cups of hot chocolate and keeps them hot for you. You know, just in case you’re outside playing in the snow.

liquor holderHold your bottles and mugs in style

If you want to add liquor to your hot beverage bar, you can do so easily by adding a 3 bottle liquor dispenser. It holds and dispenses your favourite cold weather liquors for hot beverages.

Don’t forget about mugs and glasses either. You can add a Christmas display to your hot beverage bar by adding some festive holiday mugs or glasses. Store them on open shelves or behind a glass door, add a few LED battery operated lights, and your hot beverage bar is ready for the holidays.

christmas mugs

You’ll love having a hot beverage bar this holiday season, and as long as the weather stays chilly, it’s something you’ll want to keep front and center in your kitchen.

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