Dyson Airwrap Complete Collection Curling Iron-5Every so often there is an innovation that makes your jaw drop. In 2007 it was the release of the first iPhone, in 1980 it was the Walkman, and in 1928 it was sliced bread. Today’s piece of jaw-dropping tech is none other than the Dyson Airwrap. This amazing hair styling tool does it all, and we have one to give away to one lucky reader.

Innovative hair styling technology from Dyson

Woman using Dyson Airwrap in demo
Live Dyson Airwrap demo at Best Buy Canada HQ!

When it comes to hair care, it’s not often that a new tool is a game changer; it’s usually the tried and true products that work the best. But Dyson has created a truly innovative hair product that really works.

I can say this with confidence because I have seen the Dyson Airwrap in action. Dyson representatives came to Best Buy’s headquarters a few weeks ago and they did a demo of the Airwrap. Let me tell you, I was impressed—and I wasn’t the only one. Hordes of employees gathered to see this device work its magic and everyone, even those who said they weren’t much into hair products, thought the Airwrap was really something to behold.


The Dyson Airwrap Complete: An all-in-one styling solution

When I first learned about the Airwrap, I was doubtful that it could wrap hair without it tangling. But as I discovered as I watched the demo, the Coanda effect really does create beautiful, salon-worthy curls. Blog writer Rae was also astounded by how easy the Airwrap was to use and the fact that it won’t tangle your hair. If you want to see the Airwrap in action (and you know you do) you should read and watch Rae’s review:

The other thing that excites me is that the Airwrap doesn’t use extreme heat. I have a dreadful tendency to singe my ears, neck, and fingers with my curling rod, so the Airwrap would literally make getting ready less of a pain. The Airwrap also features a cold shot setting to set curls so they will last longer, giving you healthy, shiny, and styled hair all day.

The curling attachments get a lot of the glory, but the other styling heads work wonders too. The Airwrap Complete is designed to take your hair from damp to dry, so it comes with a dryer head for pre-styling, two brushes for smoothing, and a round brush for blowouts. I love that one tool can create so many different styles and make you look like you just walked out of a salon. In short, the Airwrap is an all-in-one tool that is poised to change the way we do our hair. In fact, it might just be the best thing since sliced bread.


Entering is as easy as styling your hair with the Airwrap, but you can only enter once! In a comment below, tell us why you think the Dyson Airwrap is the best thing since sliced bread. I think it’s amazing because it doesn’t use extreme heat and it would help reduce my frizz!


At the end of this contest we will select one winner from all eligible entries to win a Dyson Airwrap Complete Curling Iron.

This contest runs from September 17th to October 1st.

Remember, you can only enter once, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell others about this contest! Let you friends and family know so they can have a chance to win this new hair tool!

Enter for a Chance to Win a Dyson Airwrap Contest Rules and Regulations

Kate Wensel
Kate holds an MA in English and has an undeniable fondness for fixing grammar and rearranging words. It's no surprise, then, that she began her career at Best Buy Canada as a product copywriter, and is now an editor for bestbuy.ca. When you can get her nose out of a book, Kate might be found hiking, ballroom dancing, or exploring Vancouver's food scene.


  1. Wow wow wow… I have three ladies in my house and they are always curling or straightening their hair talking about heat and frizz. One has thick hair, one has fine hair and the other has “curly crazy hair” her words not mine and well the Dyson Air Wrap seems to be able to solve all these problems and more. My kind of solution to make my three girls happy!

  2. I love that you can get a salon effect (beautiful curls, shine, etc) without extreme heat. Would love to win this.

  3. The Dyson Airwrap is the best thing since sliced bread cause; HELLOOO to not damaging my hair anymore after using curling and styling irons for YEARS and ended up with damaged hair! 🙁 #indesperateneedofthis

  4. the Dyson Airwrap is the best thing since sliced bread because i do not have one and have not owned one for many years, so it would be nice

  5. My wife would love this as it wouldn’t damage her hair because it doesn’t use extreme heat. It would also leave her with a smooth look which is very important to her. She just loves anything Dyson!

  6. Truly innovative! Without extreme heat, this technology is truly a game changer for healthier, shinier and styled hair.

  7. Dyson Airwrap is ideal for my long hair. I watched the clip and was amazed at the curls that are possible with Dyson Airwrap and no damage to the hair for daily use, truly is the best thing since sliced bread

  8. I think the Dyson Air Wrap would save my wife a lot of time (which would in turn save me time, lol), and it would allow her to style her hair without using high heat. You know what they say…happy wife, happy life!

  9. This looks a MUST – HAVE curling iron because it has a temperature setting so I won’t singe my hair or my neck plus it won’t tangle my hair and leave me struggling to pick it out, strand by strand. sending my anxiety level to the moon!!
    I love all the features and can’t wait to be the next proud owner!

  10. Wow just watching this video makes me want the Dyson Air Wrap on my Christmas Wish List! I love that it has so many easy conversion options – drying, curling, cold setting, etc. etc. etc.!!!

  11. I would love this as it wouldn’t fry my hair and anything Dyson is a great product! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  12. The Dyson AirWrap sounds like the perfect device to make my fine, limp hair look respectable during the rushed school day mornings.

  13. My sweet wife has been in love with the Dyson Airwrap due to how gentle it is on hair due to low heat and how it would cut down the number of tools needed at her vanity. I hope to be able to surprise her with one some day.

  14. My daughter would absolutely love this! She loves doing her hair and since it doesn’t use extreme heat it would be perfect so it doesn’t damage her hair. This product is just amazing.

  15. My wife would be happy to have a Dyson Airwrap because it can dry and style with all the different attachments, using less heat.

  16. I think it is fantastic because I can dry my hair and curl it with just one tool. I use a blow drying brush now but it doesn’t have anything to curl my hair. Love it!

  17. I love how the Dyson Airwrap effortlessly curls your hair (despite your experience with curling irons!) without the extreme heat.

  18. I think this is the best since sliced bread because I use minimum heat on my hair and I can do so many things to my luscious locks.

  19. I would love to win this. My hair is so frumpy and it always looks raggedy. I wish I had a tool to transform my hairbrush into luscious locks…my hair is ok but I would love to be able to make it phenomenal with a Dyson Air Wrap!

  20. Even though I have relatively straight hair, it’s frizzy and it drives me nuts. My daughters also have the same issue. T The Dyson Airwrap would definitely solve this problem for me, and my three daughters.

  21. I would love to try this out!
    I’ve been using the same hair dryer and straightener since I was 12 which is now 10 years ago!
    I love curling my hair but I don’t have a curling iron, and I love that it doesn’t damage hair with extreme heat!
    Thank you so much for the chance, this is wonderful

  22. My wife would love this because it doesn’t use extreme heat and it’s a Dyson so you know it’s a quality product. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. I have long, thick hair with lots of tangles. After watching the video, I love how easy to use it is and the fact that there is no extreme heat.

  24. I think the Dyson air wrap would be amazing because I have super frizzy hair that’s prone to breakage and not only would it help prevent that but it looks super simple to use!

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