Dyson will be launching a new cordless vacuum, robot vacuum, purifying fan and desktop task light in a big upcoming product rollout.

Dyson showed off the latest quartet of products at a media event in Toronto, including demos to see them at work. Each of the new items is an update to something the company has done before, so nothing here enters an entirely new category.

The most recognizable of the bunch will probably be the V11 Absolute, the newest cord-free vacuum that not only improves suction, but also adds some useful usability features. The 360 Heurist is an update to Dyson’s original 360 Eye robot vacuum. Pure Cool Me takes Dyson’s work on fans and air purifiers and brings it to one’s personal space. Lightcycle offers unique lighting for anyone at work or play.

V11 Absolute cord-free vacuum

Dyson has progressively made the motors smaller with each cord-free vacuum launch. This one is no exception. The vacuum itself isn’t all that different in size compared to the V10, but it does offer extra power and more intelligent features. The smaller motor does make for a bigger bin—up to 40 per cent bigger, according to Dyson.

Three microprocessors inside will help the vacuum automatically adjust how much suction to use. Previously, users would’ve had to switch from regular to boost modes, but now, the V11 can switch from Eco mode to Boost mode automatically. You still get the option to do so manually, if you like.

A neat LCD screen at the end of the handle shows the mode and remaining run time at all times. Plus, it will alert you to wash the filter and how to best unblock the vacuum, in case that happens.

Dyson is claiming the V11 has 20 per cent more suction, thanks to better airflow and reduced turbulence. Blades on the motor were designed to be more efficient, maintaining a high level of suction, even when the bin is filling up with dust and debris. A sensor inside can also recognize an object that could cause a blockage. For example, if the vacuum picked up a sock or bag, reduced pressure would indicate something’s blocked.

The cleaner head uses similar bristles, spinning up to 60 times per second and capturing up to 99.97 per cent of particles, based on Dyson’s own testing. Battery life goes up to 60 minutes, albeit on Eco mode. Use Boost and that drops down to just five minutes. Auto will be somewhere in between, since it shifts back and forth depending on what the vacuum is picking up.

360 Heurist robot vacuum

The term “heurist” refers to learning, which is the premise of Dyson’s latest robot vacuum. The company believes it to be considerably smarter than its predecessor. All the additional memory and storage means it can calculate better and add new intelligence later on.

For example, the robot will measure its own distance to a room’s dimensions every 20 milliseconds. Doing that helps it know where it did and didn’t clean. This works all around at a 360-degree angle, with eight sensors helping it interpret obstacles and dimensions in its way.

One of the biggest improvements looks to be working in low-light conditions. If all works as Dyson says it does, that means you won’t have to turn on the lights to clean a room. Stiffer bristles, a longer brush and more powerful suction should produce better results than the 360 Eye. That longer brush seemed to do pretty well in corners, though some tight spaces may be a challenge.

Note that the 360 Heurist is basically the same height and diameter as its predecessor was. If you have chairs or couches low to the ground, the robot won’t be able to squeeze underneath to get those areas.

You can still use the Dyson Link app to schedule or control the vacuum’s range. Create set zones for it to clean, name rooms and coordinate where it should prioritize in a given space.

Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan

This interesting fan is made for personal space, so isn’t necessarily for clearing a room—though it can do that over time. It has a HEPA filter inside, and pushes out clean cool air on a desktop-friendly design that won’t take up too much space. It’s not super small, mind you, but not huge, either.

The top slides up or down, changing the air’s trajectory, so you can angle it however you like. The base itself can be stationary or rotate up to 70-degrees. A small LCD at the bottom provides contextual information, like the cleanliness of the space, and speed of the fan. You can set a sleep timer or have it turn on for set intervals.

All of that has to be set up on the included physical remote because the Pure Cool Me doesn’t work with Dyson Link. That also means you can’t control it through Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s mainly designed for bedrooms, home offices or small living spaces where indoor quality might be a concern.

Lightcycle Task Light

It looks like a basic lamp, but Dyson says it’s more than that. The Lightcycle is an industrial design, to some degree, yet is primarily made for the home. It has a 90-degree angle (that you can’t adjust) with LED bulb at the end that can last up to 60 years. Yes, years, not months.

How can a bulb last that long? A vacuum-sealed copper tube draws heat away when a drop of water inside evaporates and lowers heat as it condenses further down before returning again. It’s technology used in satellites, and effectively cools the light without requiring additional electronics. That’s why Dyson says the bulb can last for decades.

The key feature here is the light’s power and connectivity. Aside from specific modes, like Study, Relax, Precision, Wake-Up, Sleep and Away, there’s also daytime tracking. For example, on a cold winter day where daylight is short, you can set the lamp to emulate daylight from another part of the world.

It will also automatically adjust light based on your age (the older you are, the more light you need). The Lightcycle has full compatibility with the Dyson Link app. The base does rotate and the lamp raises and lowers, but it is always at a 90-degree angle, no matter what.

Brightness ranges from 100 to over 1,000 Lux, while colour adjusts from a warmer 2,700 Kelvin to a cooler white 6,500 Kelvin.

Coming soon

Dyson will be releasing these new products soon. Check back on the blog for reviews as they launch. You can check out Dyson’s product line for more.


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