perfect family movie night

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned family movie night? It’s hard to beat a night in when you can cuddle up on the couch, put in a brand new movie, and enjoy some much-needed family time.

Your big screen TV will play a huge part in making your family movie night perfect, but did you know there are quite a few different appliances you can use to make your night even better?

Here’s a few appliances suggestions to help you have the perfect family movie night.

Appliances can help you stay awake for the movie

Yes, it sounds a bit strange at first, but certain appliances can actually help you stay awake for the full family movie night.

Dinner is served with Instant Pot

Instant Pot pressure cooker

Imagine it’s 5 pm on movie night and you’re only now considering what to make for dinner. You’d like to make a family meal like stew or something hearty to get everyone in the mood for family time, but you don’t have a lot of time between meal prep, cooking, eating, and early bedtimes for the kids.

If you had an Instant Pot pressure cooker, food prep and cooking times are cut in half. You can make soup, stew, roast, chicken, rice, and more, all in a easy-to-use appliance.

You’ll find inspiration for family dinners online if you search for Instant Pot recipes. Dinner will be served in a hurry because everything cooks so much faster. Even a roast beef will cook in 60 to 90 minutes, and frozen chicken can cook in 20 minutes.

Relax with an apres-dinner latte

espresso machine

With an Instant Pot dinner your movie can start even earlier than planned, and that increases your chances of staying awake. If you still want a bit of a boost or you want to enjoy a warm beverage while watching, you could make any number of hot drinks in an espresso machine.

Lattes, Americanos, Cappuccinos, and more: that extra caffeine can get you from dinner to bedtime without nodding off, and that means you get to enjoy the entire movie this time.

Appliances to make your movie even better

Whether you’re watching a Blu-ray or using your media streamer, your movie will be even better when you have a few appliances to make movie snacks.

soda machine

DIY your soda with a soda machine

Why go out to buy soda when you can make it at home? Soda machines let you carbonate your own water and add different flavours to make delicious drinks. One of the best parts for parents is how you can control the sugar content in the drink. I’ve made everything from sparkling homemade lemonade to simple flavoured water, and my kids love it all.

Pop up movie-style popcorn for family movie night

Popcorn family movie nightPopcorn is a must at a family movie night, and the one small appliance you really need is a popcorn maker. Popcorn makers make popcorn taste so much better than a bag you’d put in the microwave. You can add your own flavouring, butter, and salt, and you can easily make enough for the whole family.

The retro style popcorn makers also add a bit of atmosphere to your living room or home theatre.

Serve up a scoop of ice cream

ice cream makerMy family has a favourite dessert for movie night. I bake up a plate of hot fudge brownies and serve it with a side of freshly made ice cream. You can put your brownie in the oven right when you start the movie, then turn on the ice cream maker and let it work while you watch.

When the brownie is done, your ice cream will be too. Dessert is served, and you were enjoying a movie instead of standing in the kitchen.

Appliances really do help you have the perfect family movie night. The next time you’re firing up the TV, make sure your kitchen is stocked with these small appliances too.