kitchenaid-professional-6-lift-bowl-stand-mixerI absolutely love to cook and bake. There’s nothing more relaxing and calming then measuring out ingredients and following a great recipe to make a scrumptious creation. (Glass of wine in hand while you do it, of course!)

And the fall is a perfect time to master exciting and new recipes, and explore new meal and drink options, especially on an especially cool or rainy day when you want to cozy up inside, or practice your skills for the upcoming holiday season cooking and baking marathons.

There are a few small appliances that can help enhance that experience.

A stand mixer

Stand mixers are a must for any semi-serious cooker or baker. After years of manually kneading dough to make homemade bread, and standing uncomfortably with a manual mixer in hand while I tried to get my ingredients to the perfect consistency, I couldn’t believe how much difference a hand mixer made. I can work on other parts of a recipe cuisinart-4-slice-waffle-makerafter flicking a switch to initiate the perfect mixing of eggs with sugar for banana bread or whipping of butter for shortbread cookies. And, best of all, I can explore new cooking adventures thanks to attachment accessories, like pasta cutters and meat grinders.

My personal machine is an older version of the KitchenAid Professional mixer, which I use almost weekly. What I love about the upgrade model Professional 6 Lift-Bowl Stand Mixer (in empire red like mine, of course) is its large 5.7L capacity, so you can make large batches for big parties (up to 13 dozen cookies at once!), along with the powerful 575W motor, and soft start feature that can help reduce splatter. It comes with a pouring shield, flat beater, burnished dough hook (for bread making) and wire whip. Consider adding one or more of the 12 attachments that let you make everything from fresh homemade pasta to ice cream.

star-wars-stormtrooper-waffle-makerWaffle maker

Sunday mornings in the fall are great for enjoying a breakfast indulgence. And, particularly if you have kids, waffles are high on the list. But they are near impossible to make without a good waffle maker. Have some fun with it with a model like the Star Wars Stormtrooper Waffle Maker, which outputs the tasty treat in the shape of a member of the dark side, or go for something more traditional, like the Oster Belgian Waffle Maker,  which creates an 8” circular waffle, precut into four equal slices. Personally, I believe that even if you’re making breakfast for two, a 4-slice maker from brands like Cuisinart is the smart choice since who can have just one? Once made, add your favourite toppings like fresh fruit and maple syrup, or experiment and whip up your own fruit compote.

krups-espresseria-auto-espresso-machineEspresso machine

Whether it’s for breakfast, après lunch, or as an after-dinner treat while you chat ‘round the table with friends and family, an espresso machine is a welcome addition to any kitchen. If you’re an espresso aficionado, of sorts, consider a professional-level machine like the Breville Duo-Temp Pro Pump Espresso Machine, which includes features like a programmable shot volume and low-pressure infusion; or something high-tech like the KRUPS Espresseria Auto Espresso Machine, which offers one-touch operation via an LCD. But if you’re new to the espresso game, you can opt for something more straightforward, like the Oster Espresso Machine, for making espresso or even cappuccinos.

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Christine Persaud
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  1. Waffles are high on the list. Because its save our expensive time especially at morning and as you mentioned that if you have children then its must be in your favorite Kitchen .

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