connected appliances smart featuresHave you seen a smart refrigerator or Wi-Fi enabled washing machine and wondered how these connected appliances really work or how they would stand up to daily use in your own home?

Connected appliances are relatively new in the appliance world, but thanks to the latest smart features available on appliances from Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, and GE, they are popping up more and more in kitchens and laundry rooms everywhere.

What is a connected appliance?

samsung family hub

A connected appliance is an appliance that’s Wi-Fi enabled. These appliances connect to your home network and work via an app on your smartphone or controls right on the appliance. Your smart phone can essentially become a remote control for your home, and because your appliances are connected to Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to access certain controls and functions from anywhere you are.

Beyond the fact you can create an automated home that takes care of tasks large and small, there’s so many different reasons you’ll want a smart refrigerator, dishwasher, range, or smart washer and dryer combo.

These appliances can grow with your home, letting you download new cycles or update features as your family’s needs change. You’ll save money because you can adjust the power levels to save on your energy bill when you’re on vacation. You can also receive notifications that let you speed up the process of washing dishes or doing laundry. If anything ever goes wrong with your appliance, you can troubleshoot the error codes right from your phone.

Smart refrigerators can keep your food bills low

samsung family hub in the kitchenA smart refrigerator is more than an appliance that keeps your food cold. The latest smart refrigerators are central hubs for your entire home. Depending on the model you choose, you can find smart refrigerators with large touchscreens right on the front panel. You can touch to order groceries, tap to make ice, view the contents of your refrigerator via camera without opening the door, look at family photos or schedules, stream music, or watch a video.

If you’re on the go you can open up an app on your phone and check out the contents of your refrigerator, and that will keep your food bills low because you end up shopping for food items you already have. If you use a voice assistant in your house, you can even set up your refrigerator so you can issue voice commands and have it work with all of your other smart home devices.

Connected dishwashers do more than just scrub your dishes

lg thinq dishwasher

If you just took a look at a Wi-Fi connected dishwasher, you’d probably wonder exactly how adding Wi-Fi could improve such a simple device. But having a connected dishwasher can make cleaning your dishes, pots, and pans faster and easier, and you can even order dishwasher soap when you’re running out.

Choose a connected dishwasher and you’ll be able to monitor your dishwasher’s cycle time and status right on your phone. You can lock and unlock the controls on the dishwasher through the app, which is great if have small children at home. Your dishwasher will also tell you if a pot or pan is blocking parts inside the appliance or troubleshoot if something has gone wrong during your wash cycle.

You can even see the levels of your rinse agent so you know your dishes will always be sparkling, or receive notifications as soon as the load is finished so you can start another.

Smart ranges help you bake and boil to perfection

smart ovenThey’re sleek, stylish, and smart: connected ranges are one of the most useful connected appliances you’ll add to your kitchen. You’ll love the way you can adjust the temperature of your oven via an app on your phone, and smart ranges and ovens can also be set to preheat or turn off your oven from wherever you are. If you’ve ever left your house and wondered whether or not you’ve left you oven on, this is will be one of your favourite features.

You can use pre-set oven cycles to perfectly bake, broil, or roast your food, and if you have a voice assistant in your home you can connect your smart range and issue voice commands. You can even trouble shoot your range if anything goes wrong, and that can save on repair bills.

Smart washers and dryers help tackle your laundry pile

samsung washing machineWhen you add Wi-Fi to your laundry room, you’re streamlining your entire laundry process. Connected washers and connected dryers give you the power to just tap to start or stop a wash or dry cycle, or you can schedule a cycle to start if you’ve forgot to turn it on.

With notifications when a cycle finishes, you’ll be able to work your way through your laundry pile much faster, and you can even download new wash or dry cycles if you’re washing or drying a specific type of clothing. There’s also smart diagnostics if something were to go wrong with your washing machine or dryer, and you can tap to run a cleaning cycle so your connected appliance stays in tip top shape.

Connected appliances can change the way you live in your home

Having a connected appliance or group of connected appliances can change the way you live, cook, and function in your home. Imagine getting up every day and enjoying your morning coffee while ordering groceries right on your fridge. What if you could put a roast in the oven and leave the house, knowing you’ve got your oven scheduled to turn off?

Connected dishwashers alert you when a load is complete so you can start another right away, and connected washers and dryers keep you on top of your laundry pile by sending you notifications of a forgotten load.

Take the next step

There’s so many ways you can use connected appliances in your home. Start using these smart features by choosing connected refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and ranges from great brands like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and GE, on Best Buy right now.




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