JS Duo Fan and Heater MainAir circulation in your home is important, both during the hotter and colder months. There are a few reasons your home may benefit from a duo fan and heater. Maybe you don’t have central air or air conditioning, your home’s insulation isn’t great at holding heat in or keeping it out, or maybe you just like the white noise a fan makes. It’s also nice having air flow and not having stagnant air. Today I’m reviewing the JS DUO 2.0 heating + cooling tower fan.

Inside the box of the JS DUO 2.0

The JS DUO 2.0 heating + cooling tower fan comes fully assembled which makes it easy to unbox and allows you to put it to use quickly. Inside the box you will find the DUO 2.0 tower fan, the instruction manual, and the remote control.

Features and specifications of the JS DUO 2.0

JS Duo inside the box

  • Both a fan and a heater
  • Bladeless fan design
  • Smart phone compatible
  • Built with VO flame retardant material
  • Auto shut off safety sensor
  • Remote control
  • 10 speed fan
  • 80-degree oscillation
  • Sleep mode
  • 1–8-hour timer
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Sleek space saving design

Testing out the JS DUO 2.0

JS DuoAfter unboxing the JS DUO 2.0, I quickly read through the instruction manual. Inside the manual there’s a page with detailed information for each of the remote-control buttons to help you get familiar with the options. The DUO 2.0 has a main power button on the back, right side of the base that turns the unit on to standby. From here you can power on the fan using the power button on the front of the unit just above the black digital screen, by using the remote control, or the Smart Life app.

Since it’s mid August I tested out the fan function first. Right away I was impressed with how quiet it is. My husband had the TV on, and I couldn’t even hear the fan until the fifth speed. I should mention that I placed the DUO 2.0 in my open living/dining/kitchen area, so a rather large room overall. Using the plus and minus buttons on the bottom left side of the remote, I easily adjusted the fan speed from 1-9. There is also a Max Mode button that displays an “H” on the DUO 2.0 screen. This mode puts the fan on its highest speed. For extra air flow, you can also choose the oscillation feature which allows the DUO 2.0 to swing left and right 80 degrees.

JS Duo FanWhen I moved the DUO 2.0 to our primary bedroom at night, I didn’t feel the need to put it on sleep mode. We do have central air in our home so I quite like having white noise in the background and I can’t sleep without it. Sleep mode is a nice option to have though for anyone who requires a quiet space to sleep.

I then switched over to the heater option by pressing the red sun button on the top right-hand side of the remote. From here I was able to adjust the temperature from 1-30 using the plus and minus buttons on the bottom right side of the remote. When the temperature in the room reaches your set temperature the heating function will stop, and the fan will turn onto the lowest setting. Once the temperature in the room drops below your set temperature, the DUO 2.0 heater will turn back on. Because the temperature is measured in the base of the DUO, there may be up to a 3-degree variation before it turns back on again. It’s important to note that the JS DUO 2.0 has a built-in safety feature that shuts off the heater automatically after 12 hours. It’s recommended for anyone who would like to have the heater running overnight to simply turn off the heater and turn it back on before going to bed. This way you won’t have to worry about waking up to a chill in the room.

JS Duo Smart Life appThe heating and cooling tower fan also has a timer option you can set between 1 and 8 hours. You’ll also notice when you power on the unit it has quite a loud beeping sound, but you can turn this feature off by pressing the sound button on the remote.

The JS DUO 2.0 is also compatible with your smartphone using the Smart Life app. I initially had to do some troubleshooting as I couldn’t get the DUO to pair with my smartphone. The DUO 2.0 requires a 2.4GHz network and in my home, we use a 5GHz network. To be able to use the app feature I had to log into my router and create a 2.4GHz SSID network. Once I did that, I was able to pair the DUO 2.0 with my smartphone with ease. After connecting the app to the JS DUO 2.0, I renamed the DUO, and then I was able to control it from my phone.

Final thoughts on the JS DUO 2.0

Overall, I love the design of the JS DUO 2.0. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to move from room to room if needed. The white colour easily blends into any décor and the slim design doesn’t take up very much space.

I found that even on the max fan mode, the noise from the fan wasn’t overbearing or obnoxious. The airflow is great and with the oscillation turned on I could easily feel the breeze throughout the room as I went about my day.

As with all electronic devices you want to be sure to place the DUO 2.0 with plenty of room around it and away from any water sources, direct sunlight, or flammable objects. I also like that part of the safety shut off feature is that it will turn off if it happens to get knocked over.

The Smart Life app is a nice feature to have if you’re away from home and worried you’ve left it on or would like to cool down or heat up your home or room before getting home. After the initial pairing I found the app extremely user-friendly. You can also share it with anyone you’d like through the Smart Life app so other family members can control it as well.

You can find the JS DUO 2.0 heating + cooling tower fan at Best Buy online.

Lindsey Reed
I am a mom of two boys who loves reading and trail runs. I am passionate about health, fitness and food and write about these topics and more on my personal blog www.organicfitnesstips.net.


  1. I like how tall it is. You will get heat, top to bottom and not just pointing at one part of you. Combine that with the 80-degree oscillation and you will really get that air moving.

  2. my favourite feature which Lindsey mentions that it has an app so I can control it on my phone from anywhere.

  3. I like the quietness of the fan that you mentioned – where I plan to place the fan is where we usually watch tv shows and movies – having a loud fan would ruin the immersion!

  4. Wow! I love everything about this fan/heater. First, it’s a fan/heater!!!! Now I only need one clunky piece of equipment cluttering up my room. Two, it’s not clunky!! I love the the design. And yes, the remote and timer are cool but lets talk about the APP. Because you know my house is always the same temperature at noon as it is at 8 am when I leave. Not. Finally I can control whether I warm the house up or cool the house down before I get home. And yes I realize that you can do this with your home heating and cooling system, but I am not nearly that rich.

  5. The JS DUO 2.0 is also compatible with your smartphone using the Smart Life app so I can easily control it.

  6. I like that it is compatible with my smartphone so that I can tell it to turn on before I get home. I also like that it is light weight because I am not very strong.

  7. I like the automatic shut-off of the heater after 12 hours … just in case I forget/fall asleep/don’t get home when expected!

  8. Second question is Lindsey mentions my favourite feature as the 80 degrees of oscillation for the extra air flow to cool off my bedroom in the hot summers & then the extra air flow to heat up the room during the cooler winters.

  9. The article Lindsey mentions my favourite feature as the 80 degrees of oscillation for the extra air flow to cool off my bedroom in the hot summers & then the extra air flow to heat up the room during the cooler winters.

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