Insignia freestanding 3.3 cu.ft. fridge review

A bar fridge like the Insignia compact refrigerator offers you a great way to make more room for drinks and snacks. The 3.3 cu.ft design is small enough to fit in a rec room, man cave or small kitchen, and it has a stylish stainless steel design that blends seamlessly with other appliances. I set up the Insignia 3.3 cu.ft compact fridge in my home so I could take a look at the different features. Here are my thoughts after using it for a few days.

Features on Insignia 3.3 cu.ft. compact refrigerator

Insignia mini fridge review

The Insignia 3.3 cu.ft. freestanding compact refrigerator’s measurements are: width 18.92″ (48.05 cm)  height: 32.37″ (82.21 cm)  depth: 17.55″ (44.57 cm).

  • Small bar fridge fits well into any space including a games room, living room, home bar, or tiny house kitchen
  • Adjustable glass shelves can be removed to make space for all types of drinks, groceries, and snacks
  • Door storage holds cans, tall bottles, eggs, and more
  • Some models have a crisper to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. The drawer is easily removed if you don’t need it
  • Interior light lights up every corner of the fridge
  • Adjustable temperature control inside the fridge
  • The reversible single-door design lets you place it anywhere
  • Quiet compressor so you can barely hear the fridge running
  • ENERGY STAR qualified to save on power costs

Insignia compact bar fridge has a design that blends

The Insignia compact refrigerator is available with a stainless steel or black finish. I like having the option of stainless steel because I have all stainless steel appliances and it’s nice to have a bar fridge that complements my home’s appliance style.

Insignia 4.4 cu.ft bar fridge Model NS-CF44GD3-C

There are a few models of the Insignia 3.3 cu.ft. fridge. You can choose a model with a crisper if you’re storing fruits and vegetables (Model number: NS-CF33SS3-C). If you need a bit more room you can also choose the stainless steel Insignia 4.4 cu.ft compact fridge (Model number: NS-CF44SS3-C). It has a bit more interior space and versatile can storage on the door. This model would be great for a bar or outdoor kitchen.

While the stainless steel is not fingerprint resistant, the recessed handle above the door means you rarely touch the door itself. I set up the stainless steel model and touched the door several times, but it didn’t really smudge for me. If you do need to clean it, it’s simple to buff it with a damp cloth.

The Insignia compact refrigerator has a reversible door design. There is an instruction manual that shows you how to switch the door from the right swing configuration to the left swing configuration if you need to fit it in a space that only opens one way or the other.

Adjustable glass shelves keep everything organized

Insignia interior mini fridge

For me, glass shelves are a must-have in a fridge. They sparkle when they are clean and I never have to worry that the shelf can’t support the food I place on it. I really liked the glass shelves in the Insignia compact bar fridge. They are easy to remove and feel very sturdy. You can keep them all in place and store can-sized drinks and condiments, or just remove one and store larger items like jugs of soda or milk.

Door storage makes it easy to access cans and bottles

One of the reasons you use a mini fridge is to maximize cold storage space in your main fridge. You also would choose a mini fridge if you’d like to have drinks or snacks close by when you’re hanging out in a rec room, garage, or on your deck. No matter what you use your mini fridge for, cold storage on the door is an important feature. After stocking the fridge I felt like the Insignia compact refrigerator has more than enough room on the door. With three plastic shelves, you can place dozens of beverages or a few bottles of wine. The shelves are not adjustable but I feel as though they are spaced well enough that you can fit everything you need.

If you’re using the Insignia freestanding compact refrigerator as a dorm fridge or as your main fridge in a small kitchen, there is more than enough room to place eggs, butter, or condiments on the door too.

Interior light and temperature adjustment on Insignia compact refrigerator

Insignia mini fridge with adjustable shelves

It’s easy to see into every corner of your mini fridge when it has an interior light, and not every bar fridge has one. The Insignia compact refrigerator does have a bright interior light that lights up when you open the door. It casts a nice blue glow that’s not harsh on your eyes in the middle of the night.

Located right near the light is a temperature dial, and that’s another great feature on the Insignia compact fridge. I kept it on the recommended setting, but you can turn it up or down depending on the temperature you’d like your food stored. If you’ve placed your bar fridge on your deck or patio, you might want to store your drinks a lot colder than you would if they were in the house. Even if you keep everything in the recommended setting, it’s nice to have the option to choose colder or warmer.

Runs quietly and saves on energy

Insignia mini fridge review 2

The Insignia freestanding bar fridge has a few other features that make it a worthwhile addition to your home. If you’re bothered by the hum of a refrigerator you’ll be happy to know it runs very quietly. It was actually so quiet I had to open the door to see if it was running. It also saves you on your power bill as it is an ENERGY STAR-qualified bar fridge, and it’s nice to have an appliance that reduces your environmental impact too.

Should you choose the Insignia freestanding compact refrigerator?

Having a compact refrigerator is so useful I can’t imagine not having one. You can place it in your home bar or home office so you don’t have to run to your main fridge to get snacks, or keep it for your garage or patio in the summer. There is more than enough space for everything you’d like to store, and you can pull out a glass shelf if you’re storing large items.

Whether you choose the Insignia 3.3 cu.ft. freestanding bar fridge with a stainless steel or black finish or you upgrade to the Insignia 4.4 cu.ft. freestanding bar fridge with an extra can storage on the door, I think anyone would be happy to have this compact, great-looking fridge. You can find the Insignia freestanding compact bar fridge at Best Buy right now.

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