Image of a Whirlpool washing machine installed inside a closet

Sadly, not all of us can have a big, lavish laundry room, especially if you’re moving into an apartment or condo. And even if you live in a palace, downsizing your laundry space can free it up for hobbies or extra home storage. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to make a smaller laundry station work. So if you’re dealing with an underwhelming laundry space, don’t head for the laundromat. Instead, try out these great strategies to get the most out of your laundry space, regardless of real estate.

Make the most of your vertical space by stacking your laundry pair

Image of a stacked Whirlpool laundry pair among many storage cabinets

It’s no surprise, but the biggest monopoly on space in your laundry room is going to be your washer and dryer pair itself. A simple and easy way to tackle this challenge is to use your laundry room’s vertical space by stacking your washer and dryer with a laundry stacking kit. 

A stacking kit is a collection of hardware that allows you to attach the bottom of your dryer to the top of your washing machine securely and safely. By stacking your laundry pair, not only do you make your appliances easier to reach, but you save a ton of floor space. If you have the right fit, you might even be able to stack your washer and dryer in a closet, making the most efficient use of your space, while discreetly storing them away.

Image of the hardware included in a typical stacking kit: bolts, screws, and fasteners


But before you rush out to pick up your kit, you should make sure that stacking is the right move for your particular laundry setup. First of all, only front-load machines can be stacked. You’d have a pretty hard time opening the doors otherwise. Popular laundry brands like Miele and LG have plenty of stackable options, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the right front-loading pair. 

And don’t forget to pick up a kit that is compatible with your particular laundry set. Your best bet is to buy a stacking kit that is from the same brand as your washer and dryer. For example, a Samsung stacking kit is more likely to be compatible only with Samsung appliances.

Add extra storage space with pedestal drawers

Image of a woman opening a pedestal drawer beneath a washing machine to store cleaning supplies

If your laundry pair isn’t stackable, you still have space-saving options to explore. If you find that your bottles of detergent and fabric softener are cluttering up your laundry space, then look no further than a pedestal drawer. 

A pedestal drawer can be placed under your side-by-side laundry pair to provide extra storage space for all your extra supplies, making it a perfect solution for top-load machines. You can fill it with laundry essentials like laundry bags, dryer sheets, or any household items to save on space and reduce clutter in your laundry room, without taking up any extra floor space.

Image of a laundry pair with open pedestal drawers, filled with detergent and other cleaning supplies

In addition to storage, a pedestal drawer has the added benefit of raising your laundry pair off the floor. Having your washer and dryer raised can not only make your controls easier to reach, but can also mitigate the need for you to bend over to retrieve laundry out of the machines. If stacking your appliances isn’t in the cards, you’ll still be ahead of the game with a set of pedestal drawers in your space.

Pedestal drawers are available for most top laundry brands, from Bosch to Whirlpool, and everything in between.

Use wall storage to keep laundry supplies handy

Image of a wall-mounted coat rack with hooks mounted to a wall and filled with stored items

We’ve already covered making the most of your vertical space and adding extra storage, but to get the absolute most out of your laundry space, you can combine both by adding wall storage.

There are tons of great wall-mounted storage options, so you’re sure to find something that will work for you. If you have the room for it, wall-mounted cabinets and shelves can provide ample room for storing all your laundry equipment, and look good doing it. 


Image of a wall-mounted coat rack with hooks

Or if you’re really tight on space, one creative solution is to use a wall-mounted coat rack. A wall-mounted coat rack takes up less space than a wall cabinet, and they also often feature coat hooks, providing a convenient spot to hang your laundry for removing lint, steaming, or even drying delicates.

Get the most out of your small laundry space

Image of side-by-side Whirlpool laundry pair with pedestal drawers

Whether you’re moving to a new home, or just trying to get the most out of your current one, every square inch is precious when it comes to your laundry space. Get started by deciding whether a stackable or side-by-side laundry setup is right for you. Then check out for all the top laundry brands like Whirlpool and LG, or anything else you need to make the most out of a tiny laundry room.

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