LG kitchen main imageWhen you get to a certain age, buying new home appliances suddenly becomes exciting. While we may not always love the idea of spending the money, it’s always worthwhile once you have the new appliance in your home and use it for the first time. One of the perks of buying new appliances is that technology is always evolving which means there’s new options and features to consider when making a new purchase for your family home. You may be thinking that right now is the time to gift your family a new major appliance.

It’s time to update your appliances

Kitchen appliancesThere are many reasons to update your home appliances, the most obvious one being that they’re broken. Sometimes the repairs may be minor and worth a fix but if the repair bill will be the price of a new appliance, I’d say it’s time to go shopping.

Three years ago, we purchased a home that has a beautiful gas range. The oven ignitor broke recently but because it was a top-quality range, the fix was worth it. It’s the only appliance in our home that we would spend the money to fix while all the others would be a replace.

Another top reason to replace appliances for many homeowners is to lower the costs on your utility bills. The cost of living is high these days and for most of us, it’s important to create an energy efficient home. This is both good for the environment and your wallet.

Broken burners, ice and water makers on the fridge not working, food spoiling in your fridge or freezer, leaks or broken seals, long drying times, and rust are all concerns in a major appliance and may lead you to a new purchase.

You might also be doing a kitchen or laundry room remodel with new paint, wallpaper, and color schemes, which might call for selling off your old appliances and upgrading to new ones.

New appliance features

Samsung laundry pairWhether you’re buying a kitchen appliance or a new washer or dryer, there are many features from which to choose. Energy efficiency is key when making a new purchase. Longevity and durability should also be considered. Many of us have a favourite brand or maybe you’re only replacing one appliance and want to stick with the same brand as the rest in your home.

For kitchen appliances, size and shelving may be important, especially for a large or growing family. We’re a family of four and I love a fridge with a bottom freezer as I need the fridge to have the most space and find side-by-side fridges too tight. (Though you could also get the best of both worlds with a French door refrigerator!) Large families may also want to upgrade to a larger range that has 5/6 burners, or a dishwasher with more washing power.

Washing machines and dryers also come in a variety of cubic feet and are available in both front and top loading. After those main options, you can choose features like stain removal, soil sensors, steam, wrinkle release, and much more.

Last of all, many new appliances offer smart technology and are Wi-Fi-enabled so you can control or check up on them from your phone. Tech lovers and busy families on the go may find it worthwhile to upgrade just for the purpose of getting Wi-Fi capabilities.

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