Of all the chores in the world, I would have to say that laundry is my least favourite. That could be due to the fact that I don’t have in-suite laundry so have to haul everything down ten stories to the basement in the hopes that the communal machines are free to use. But even if that wasn’t the case, I can’t imagine I’ll ever be excited to spend my down time washing my clothes—it’s a time suck! So, for my fellow I-hate-laundry-and-wish-I-could-speed-up-the-process foils, here are some tips for doing just that.

Sort your laundry throughout the week to save time

One thing that always takes time when doing laundry is separating your whites from your darks, your darks from your delicates, your delicates from your linens … you get the drift. So to speed up the process, look into either a set of laundry baskets or a large two-section storage hamper like this bamboo one. This way, you can sort your laundry throughout the week so you are good to go come laundry day.


A pedestal will save time loading and unloading

Whether you’re tall or short, young or old, bending down to load and unload your front-load washer and dryer can be a strain on your back, and because of that cause you to take a tad longer than you’d like to transfer your laundry loads from washer. It might only save a few minutes–and your back–but a laundry pedestal like this 27” one from Samsung. Not only does it elevate height to your front-load appliances to alleviate stress on your knees and back, which will speed up the transfer of loads, but it has a convenient drawer that’s perfect for keeping your detergents and softeners close at hand.


Washer dryer pairs are efficient and save time

If you’re looking to save time doing laundry, one thing to consider is to purchase a laundry pair, especially a laundry pair with a large capacity like this 5.2 cubic foot TurboWash Front Load Steam Washer and 7.4 cubic foot Electric Steam Dryer pair from LG. The large capacity makes it easy to cram in armfuls of clothes and towels, minimizing the number of loads you need to tackle. On top of that, laundry pairs are uniquely designed to work together to make laundry as efficient as possible, which will ultimately save you time in the end.

Laundry doesn’t necessarily have to be a giant chore each week. By sorting your laundry as you go, adding a pedestal or purchasing a washer dryer pair, you’ll be on your way to cutting your laundry time in half each week, which will leave time for all those other tasks and chores on your list.

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Main image courtesy of Tesco Living.

Stacey McGregor
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