When your morning begins with coffee and you look forward to a second, third, or fourth cup all day long, your coffee maker will be your favourite small appliance. Having a coffee maker on your kitchen counter means you can brew pot after pot of coffee without ever leaving home. With unique features and precise brewing, the latest brewers put the best cup of coffee in your hands every time you turn them on.

Benefits of having a coffee maker at home

You know what it’s like to walk into a coffee shop and take a deep breath, inhaling that fragrant coffee aroma? You can experience that every morning in your own kitchen and all you need is a drip or single serve brewer on your kitchen counter.

Having a coffee maker in your kitchen saves time and money because you don’t have to leave home to go to a coffee drive-thru or stand in line at a shop. If you love variety in your coffee, you’ll love that you can enjoy any number of coffee flavours and coffee variations depending on what type of bean or grind you’ve brought home.

Types of coffee makers

coffee maker guide The days of anxiously watching your brewer chug its way to a full pot are long gone. Now you can put your morning cup of coffee in your hand right when you want it, and there are a lot of options for serving up the freshest, most flavourful cup of brew.

Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee makers are one of the most popular types found in kitchens everywhere. With this style, you’ll use a disposable or reusable coffee filter, add a set amount of coffee grinds, and turn the coffee maker on. The appliance will heat up the water to a certain temperature and pour that hot water over your coffee grinds.

Drip coffee makers come with glass or insulated carafes that hold anywhere from one to 12 cups of coffee, and they usually take less than 10 minutes to brew a full pot. One of the biggest benefits of a drip brewer is that you can brew a full day’s worth of coffee and go back to the pot, enjoying it without the further delay of brewing again.

Single Serve coffee maker

single serve coffee makerA single serve coffee maker will make exactly that; a single serving of coffee. You can find single serve brewers that work with single serve coffee pods, reusable coffee pods, or coffee grinds.

To use a single serve appliance you’ll add water to the reservoir, add a pod to the coffee maker, and hit a button to serve. Depending on the speed of the model, you can have a 4 to 12-ounce cup of coffee in your hands in under a minute.

Single serve coffee makers are extremely popular, and one of the reasons why is because there is no guesswork on the proper measurement for adding coffee grinds or water. Because the machine is automated, you let it do all the work, and you’re guaranteed the perfect cup of coffee in no time at all.

Features on the best coffee makers

The latest coffee brewers are designed to give you a lot of choice when it comes to your cup of coffee.

Brew strength drip coffee maker

Choose your brew strength

Both drip and single serve brewers will now let you choose your coffee strength. Being able to choose a strong brew when you need a wake up is a great option for mornings, and you can dial down the strength as your day progresses.

Built-in coffee grinders

Coffee fans know that the freshest cup of coffee starts with the freshest ground coffee beans. When you have a coffee grinder built into your coffee maker, your beans will go from whole to ground to coffee, all in one fluid motion.

Brew timers

With a coffee maker that has a 24 hour or 12 hour time delay or scheduler, you can set your brewer to turn on before you wake up in the morning. That means your coffee will be hot and ready for you to drink before you’ve even opened your eyes. You can also find models that have an automatic off switch so you don’t have to worry about your pot burning if you forget about it.

Pot warmers and carafes

It might take you a few hours to drink an entire pot of coffee, and you don’t want it to grow cold in the meantime. You can choose a brewer with a pot warmer or one that includes an insulated carafe so your coffee is hot and ready to drink long after you’ve brewed it.

Large water reservoirs

A single serve brewer is available in models that hold a single cup of water or several cups. If you have a reservoir that holds several cups of water you can brew cup after cup without refilling the tank.

Pause while brewing

If you’ve ever put a coffee mug under your coffee pot to catch any drips while you’re quickly pouring yourself a cup from the carafe, you’ll love pause while brewing. It lets you pull your coffee pot out and will hold the brew inside the machine until you put it back.

Self cleaning

Because they use water, coffee makers occasionally need to be descaled and have any build up removed. The latest models will prompt you to use a descaling solution, or you can touch a self cleaning button and your appliance will clean itself.

What to consider before buying a coffee maker

What type of coffee maker you choose depends on few important considerations.

Are you a multi-cup coffee drinker?

How often you drink coffee can be the key factor in what type of brewer you choose. If you know you’ll drink half a pot or more every day, you may want to opt for a drip coffee maker with a 12 cup capacity. If you only have one or two cups in the morning, you might want a single-serve brewer you can just reload when you’re ready.

How many times per day do you drink coffee?

Drip models are available with insulated carafes and warming plates to keep your coffee hot for hours. If you’d like to drink coffee in the afternoon that wasn’t brewed in the morning, a single serve brewer that serves up a fresh cup may be in order.

Do you want your coffee ready before you get out of bed?

Drip coffee makers are available with built-in timers so you can set your appliance at night, turn it on in the morning before you get out of bed, and turn off after a certain amount of time.

Do you like the idea of pre-measured pods of coffee?

When you have a drip model, you might find you need to tweak your brew to find the perfect combination of water and coffee grinds. With a single serve brewer, the water and coffee grinds are already predetermined by the brewer and a coffee pod, so you get the perfect cup every time.

Coffee accessories

You can enhance your coffee experience and make the most out of your drip and single serve brewer by adding coffee maker accessories.

Coffee filters

If your drip or single serve coffee maker requires a filter, you can find different types for different coffee makers. Single serve coffee makers require you to replace the water filter from time to time, and drip coffee makers either use reusable paper filters or have permanent coffee baskets you can replace if you need to.

Cup warmer

Cup warmers come in two different types. They can keep your mugs warm until you’re ready to brew your coffee, or they act as a warming plate to keep your coffee warm after its been brewed.

Coffee maker cleaner

Both drip and single serve coffee makers need to be cleaned occasionally. You can buy descaling fluid or coffee maker cleaner to rid your coffee maker of any build up in the lines.

Reusable coffee podcoffee pod carousel

If you have a single serve brewer the sky is the limit for what type of coffee pod you can choose, but did you know you can choose a reusable coffee pod that uses your own coffee grinds?

The benefit of having a reusable coffee pod is that you can grind your own fresh beans for your coffee, and a reusable pod can be rinsed out for use again and again.

Coffee pod storage

Coffee pod storage lets you place your favourite coffee pods front and center. You can choose drawers, coffee pod carousels, or set up a condiment bar for coffee right on your kitchen counter.

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