I always enjoy Samsung press conferences. They showcase exciting new devices and upgrades for their current technology. AI has been the main theme of all CES 2024 press conferences this year, and Samsung kept that theme going with AI-powered TVs and more. Here’s a look at what Samsung announced at CES 2024.

A sustainable future

Last year one of the focuses of the keynote was planning for a more sustainable future, and this year they reinforced what their plans are and how they have been doing with their recycling and reusing initiatives. One example they gave was how they use old fishing nets in their Galaxy phones. I’ve always thought it was great how the boxes from Samsung TVs are multipurpose, so you can build a cat house or a bookshelf with your box instead of throwing it away.

Samsung MicroLED Transparent TV

Details are still scarce, but Samsung announced they will be releasing a Transparent MicroLED TV at some point in the next year. MicroLED is a technology that Samsung has been using in massive TVs like The Wall, and it’s been teased for a few years that the brand would be releasing small, home-size TVs with this technology.

MicroLED is a unique technology that’s stands apart from LCD or OLED (here is an article that explains the “Difference between OLED, QLED, Mini-Led, and MicroLED“). The pixels used in MicroLED technology are not organic like OLED, so while they offer superior brightness to OLED and better energy efficiency, they will not degrade over time the way OLED pixels can. Like OLED, each MicroLED pixel is self-illuminating, so this is a TV that will have superior contrast, perfect black, and faster refresh rates than an LED, Mini-LED, or OLED TVs.

The Transparent MicroLED TV is possible because Samsung has printed the MicroLED pixels on a piece of glass that allows the viewer to see right through the TV. According to Samsung it will be available in sizes including 76 inches, 89 inches, 101 inches, and 114 inches.

Ballie the home robot

Samsung Ballie

Ballie is a spherical home robot that was introduced in 2020. She looks like a round ball that rolls around your home, and now Samsung has added AI and a few other upgrades. Ballie has a spatial lidar sensor for better navigation, a 1080p projector to stream your favourite content, and you can control her via voice commands or send her a text. She’s the perfect pet sitter for your pet when you have to go out, and I love how she can play cat videos to keep your furry friends happy whenever you’d like.

Bespoke Jet Bot Combo

Samsung announced a new mop/vacuum cleaner combo that uses AI to recognize stains on your floor. The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo will detect a stain, then head back to the dock to heat up its mop pads. Once the mop pads are heated with steam and water, the Jet Bot will go straight back to the stain and remove it using 170 RPM of cleaning power.

Samsung TVs and monitors

Samsung introduced the Samsung NeoQLED 8K. This spectacular 8K TV has the NQ8 AI Gen3 chip for advanced 8K upscaling and AI Motion Enhancer Pro to detect what you’re watching to enhance motion and track fast moving objects. It’s the perfect feature for sports fans and gamers, and the TV will be available in sizes up to 98 inches.

They also announced another 8K device – the new Premiere 8K projector. According to Samsung it’s the first 8K wireless projector and it can project an image as large as 150 inches.

Samsung mentioned an update for the Samsung Smart Monitor. The M80D is a 32-inch 4K monitor that’s completely independent of your PC or gaming console. I’ve tested Samsung Smart Monitors and they are like a TV/monitor hybrid. You can take video calls, watching streaming channels or connect to Samsung’s Gaming Hub and play all of your favourite games.

New Samsung sound bars

Samsung announced several new sounds bars for 2024. The HW-Q990D sound bar has an amazing 11.1.4 channels and Dolby Atmos and the HW-S800D is a sound bar that’s very thin and is perfect for low profile TVs.

AI is built into refrigerators too

Samsung announced a new update for its Bespoke refrigerator. It’s now the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub+ and it has quite a few AI features built in. You can use AI Vision Inside to check for 33 different foods inside the fridge or add expiry dates to your groceries so you know when they expire.

Samsung Bespoke AI fridge

​​​These are just a few of the highlights from the Samsung press conference at CES 2024. You can find Samsung at Best Buy right now, and watch the blog for more at CES 2024.

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