UFO stand fan with mist ionizerStand fans are a summer staple, but some stand fans are worth leaving out all year. You might not always want a cool breeze blowing on you, but when you have the UFO Stand Fan with Mist and Ionizer, you’re getting much more than oscillating air. This stand fan sends out a spray of cool mist and includes a negative ionizer to purify your air—that’s something anyone who’s struggled with dry, winter air can appreciate.

I’ve been using the UFO Stand Fan with Mist and Ionizer for a few weeks, and I’ve really been enjoying that steady spray of mist in the air. Here’s why you’ll love having one around too.

Appearance and features of the UFO Stand Fan with Mist and Ionizer

The UFO Stand Fan is approximately the size of a standard stand fan. It has a water reservoir you fill up so that it can blow mist, and it comes on a sturdy base with included castor wheels for easy movement.

  • Oscillating stand fan with three speeds
  • 65W fan power and 35W humidifier power
  • Includes normal, natural, and wind settings
  • Blows a cool mist for added humidity
  • Distributes negative ions to purify the air
  • 1.5 liter humidifier tank for water refills
  • Includes remote control and on board control panel

Using the UFO Stand Fan with Mist and Ionizer

UFO Stand Fan Review

A stand fan is just a stand fan, right? You turn it on, it has certain speeds, and it expels cool air so you’re comfortable in warm rooms. That’s the general order of operation with most stand fans, but the UFO Stand Fan with Mist and Ionizer offers quite a bit more than standard operation. Because it has both mist and the ability to distribute negative ions, it can add humidity to your room and clean the air.

Setting up the UFO Stand Fan

The UFO Stand Fan requires a bit of set up. There’s a very heavy base with wheels that attach to it, and there’s a hose you’ll need to plug in to the actual fan head.

Once you’ve set it up and plugged it in, you can use the remote control or the control panel to select your options. From the control, you can choose the swing feature for the fan, ion, and mist while also offering a timer so you can have it turn off on its own.

To use the mist feature and discharge negative ions, you’ll have to fill up the water reservoir. All you have to do is open the door on the control panel, pull out the water reservoir, and fill it up. There are instructions for how to fill right on the door of the panel.

I have used mist and ions almost continuously since I set the UFO stand fan up and I’ve refilled three times. It’s very minimal effort.

Using the fan

UFO Stand Fan

The UFO Stand Fan with Mist and Ionizer has several different fan functions. You can tap the on/off button and choose your wind speed of low, medium, and high. If you tap wind you’ll be able to choose between normal, natural, and sleep.

Normal wind blows just like an oscillating fan would, natural gives you wind gusts like you’d experience outside, and it imitates natural wind by changing between modes until the end of a preset time. If you press swing it changes the direction of the wind.

I really like the wind setting. I like to sleep with white noise, but if you turn on a fan and let it run you end up cold in the middle of the night. The timer setting turns it off for you, and the natural gusts of wind are really soothing. You can set the fan to turn off after an hour or up to 15 hours.

Using the ion setting

negative ions

I used to walk past displays of salt lamps in stores and wonder what their purpose was. I finally asked someone, and after hearing about the benefits of negative ions, I brought home my first salt lamp that day.

Salt lamps discharge negative ions, and that’s also what the UFO Stand Fan does. An ion is an atom or a group of atoms. These atoms bear an electric charge, and there are positive ions that are positively charged and negative ions that are negatively charged.

Most of the particles in your home’s air are positively charged. These particles include smoke and allergens. When you release negative ions into an environment with positively charged ions, these negative ions are magnetically drawn to them. Because of that magnetic attraction, a large concentration of negative ions will attract large concentrations of positive ions. This causes the particles to become heavy and force them to drop out of the air, and when they are forced from the air you can’t breath them in anymore.

There are quite a few benefits of negative ions. They purify your air by removing germs, smoke, and other bacteria. Negative ions can increase the amount of oxygen in the room and can help keep you alert by increasing your mental energy and decreasing your fatigue. They can also neutralize the static in your house. With less static, you’re less likely to get electric shocks or have fly away hair—especially during the dry winter months.

The UFO Stand Fan has a button that lets you turn on the negative ions separately. So, instead of running the fan and cooling off your room, you can just push ‘ion’ and release negative ions 24 hours a day.

It’s so quiet when it’s running you won’t be able to hear it. I turned it on when I set it up and haven’t turned it off since. Obviously you can’t see it at work, but the air does feel fresh.

Using the mist feature

UFO Fan with Ionizer review

My absolute favourite feature on this fan is the mist feature. If you’ve ever stood with your face in a mist spray on a hot summer day, you know how soothing it can be. What surprised me is how amazing it feels to have mist in the house during the winter.

I’ve already got my heat turned on and it’s already feeling drier in the house. With the mist running, I can really feel a difference in the air. There is less static and more moisture, and it feels almost like you have the windows open on a rainy day.

You don’t have to run the fan to turn the mist on. You can run it separately just by pressing the mist button on the remote or control panel. I just let it run all day, and I really have to resist the urge to stand right in front of it. It’s so refreshing on your skin.

Overall thoughts on the UFO Stand Fan with Mist and Ionizer

UFO Stand Fan Remote Control

I’ll be honest: when I set up the UFO Stand Fan with Mist and Ionizer in the middle of October, I really wondered why I would have a stand fan out all winter. Now that I’ve enjoyed the mist feature and used the ion feature continuously, I can’t imagine why I’d take it down. Given those functions, it’s a 365 day-a-year home appliance.

Anyone who has this fan would probably use mist and ionizer much more than the oscillating fan, but the fan is pretty nice on its own. The wind and fan are really soothing. Overall it’s a great fan with bonus features you’ll use, if you’re like me, every day.

You can find your own UFO Stand Fan with Mist and Ionizer on Best Buy right now.


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