dyson24-1Today on day 7 of our 12 days of Christmas gift ideas I’m talking all things Dyson. Let me tell you Dyson has a lot more than just vaccums to offer.


Ever since my sister got her Dyson vacuum years ago I have been hoping to get one myself. Years later, hers is still running and I have yet to get one. They have a large vacuum line to choose from starting with the handhelp kind, to an upright and even the canister style. There’s a vacuum that will fill everyone’s needs, so if you’re gifting a Dyson be sure to do some sly questioning to see which style the receiver is looking for.


If a vacuum is not on their list, Dyson also offers air purifiers, heaters and plenty of styles of fans. Anything Dyson will be a gift that will greatly welcomed and appreciated.






I love that Dyson has really thought of everyone when they made their vacuums. Actually I’d love to have a couple of their vacuums, starting with this Dyson DC34 Animal Handheld Vacuum.


Having this would mean I could vacuum my stairs so much easier. On top of that, it’s designed for homes with pets which I have plenty of, thanks to my 10 year old and a good friend of mine who loves to gift him with furry creatures. This vacuum isn’t just for carpet or flooring either, it’s size is perfect for vacuuming your furniture too.


It also offers radial root cyclone technology which makes sure you keep strong cleaning power and with the clear bin it’s easy to see when it’s full and needs emptying. This tiny but mighty vacuum comes with a rechargeable battery as well so you don’t have to wrestle with cords either.



The next style I’ll tell you about is the upright. This Dyson Upright Vacuum not only has a lot to offer, but it’s super stylish and I love the nickel colour. It also comes with some great attachment tools for furniture and stair cleaning.


Where to start with all the amazing features of this vacuum. The cinetic technology is what is the top seller for me. Cinetic technology means that there is 35 cinetic tips that oscillate 350 times per second allowing the vaccum to suck up even the smallest of dust particles all without clogging the machine. If you have any allergy sufferers in your home then this may be the right vacuum for you.


Like the handheld it also has the clear bin for dust and dirt collection. This allows you to see when it’s time for an empty, and does so with the push of a button. There’s also and instant release for the wand to use for high and hard to reach places. Now instead of using dusters to clean your ceiling fan blades which just causes the dust to float everywhere, you can suck the dust right up.



Last of all there’s the option of your always popular canister style like this Dyson DC46 Motorhead Canister Vacuum. This vacuum is perfect for all kinds of flooring and comes with some great attachment tools for cleaning in crevices and hard to reach places. It has an anti static brush for cleaning hard floors such as wood and tile, and a motorized brush bar to clean carpets and area rugs.


This beauty has not one but two cyclones for extra suction to capture all those pesky dust particles. It will come in handy if you have a live tree for Christmas too, because those tree needles seem to find their way all over my house.


Like many of Dyson’s vacuums, this one also has their ball technology for easy maneuverability and is also lightweight and easy to carry from one floor level to another.


Air purifiers

air purifier.jpgDyson vacuums are great at sucking up all the dust in your home but this Dyson AM11 Pure Cool Air Purifier will keep your air clean too.


The purifier will get rid of pollen, allergens, bacteria and pollutants using a HEPA filter. It doesn’t stop there though, this purifier will also keep any toxic fumes and unwanted odours at bay with a layer of activated carbon granules.


There’s ten speed settings to choose from too, so you can easily have this running year round comfortably and it requires minimal maintenance. With a daily use of 12 hours, one filter can last up to a year and is easy to replace when the time comes.



Fans and heaters


Dyson has a few options when it comes to fans and heaters. If you’re just looking for a fan option then this Dyson Tower Fan is what you need. Not only are these fans super sleek and stylish but they come with great reviews from Best Buy customers.


There’s 10 airflow settings that you can control on the tower fan with a remote, and a timer that you can set to your own preference. With the bladeless system, these fans are easy to keep clean too.


Needing something smaller for the home office or to have at work, then the Dyson 12″ Desk Fan is what you’re looking for. The prefect size to fit on your desk and so quiet it won’t be a disturbance if you’re on the phone.



hot ncold.jpg


If you’re looking for a fan and heater combo, then Dyson has you covered here too. This Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Ceramic Fan Heater has jet focus technology which will help keep you cool in the summer months and nice and toasty through our Canadian fall and winter. If you’re on the West Coast, did you see our first snow fall yesterday? My youngest was hoping to get a few sled runs in, but no luck, the rain wiped it all away very quickly.


All of Dyson’s fans use their bladeless technology which is appealing to the eye, but also safer to use without those blades spinning around.

As I sat writing this my teenage son and husband were both looking over my shoulder and deciding which Dyson products we needed because, not only are they fantastic products, but they are so cool as well. Who will you be gifting a Dyson this holiday?

Check out bestbuy.ca for a large variety of Dyson products.

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