Smart assistants can simplify your life. They can perform many tasks for you like scheduling appointments, playing music, and controlling your smart devices. However, up until now, you needed to open an app, your phone, or use specific voice commands to interact with them effectively. That’s all in the past thanks to a brand new revolutionary device, the Noveo Orb.

Best Buy is excited to announce the first assistant that truly gets to know you! Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the Noveo Orb learns your own body’s energy states, so it can anticipate your needs. No voice commands required and no opening an assortment of apps. The Noveo Orb turns a smart house into your personal smart home. The Noveo Orb will be available from April 1st exclusively at Best Buy.

A smart assistant that really knows you

Your home is about to be a lot more responsive to your needs! Using the latest artificial intelligence technologies, the Noveo Orb smart assistant knows what you need while you’re at home. It can sense subtle energy changes in your body, read your emotions, and interpret those changes and emotional states appropriately. It will simplify your life⁠—without requiring you to do anything at all!

Noveo Orb will quickly get to know you, so it can create a personal experience better than you can imagine. It all begins with the most advanced AI technology developed for smart homes: the innovative Advanced EvolveX human learning ecosystem with integrated VibeAI operating system. The Noveo Orb will draw from its sophisticated database of algorithmic computations to establish personal energy profiles for you. These will be applied to the smart home technologies in your home for a life-changing smart home experience. The new Noveo Orb will know you, anticipate your needs, and will make your house feel more like home than ever before.

Custom experiences tailored to how you feel

Day or night, you can count on the Noveo Orb to make your life easier. As soon as you walk into the room, the Orb will sense your energy and activate appropriate smart devices in your ecosystem to better serve you. Its powerful VibeAI Operating System allows it to translate your emotions into meaningful actions, communicating with other devices in your network. This all happens instantly thanks to its advanced BBChip Technology, so you can enjoy the custom experience it creates for you right away.

Are you feeling tired? No need to tell the Orb you would like a cup of coffee—it already activated your smart coffee machine for you! Double espresso, coming up. Are you stressed and ready to unwind? The Orb will automatically close your blinds, change your lights’ colour to a calming blue and start playing your relaxing playlist so you can recharge in the perfect environment. It’s the smart assistant we have all been waiting for and it’s coming soon to a Best Buy near you.

Your new favourite assistant

With its advanced smart capabilities, the Noveo Orb is bound to become your favourite day-to-day companion. Whether you’re feeling excited, sleepy, overwhelmed, or stressed, the Orb will know exactly what to do to enhance your experience and serve you better. Your home will feel like the oasis you always deserved.

The Noveo Orb comes complete with a convenient, attractive wooden platform. Set it your living room or bedroom—or anywhere you want in your home. Pre-order the amazing Noveo Orb today and soon you’ll enjoy next-generation support. The Orb will be available from April 1st exclusively at Best Buy.

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